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Baby Thor

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Kitten = Toddler. With claws. & Teeth.

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He's a wild kitty. He know when it's bedtime but is way to interested in holding on to our noses with his teeth to go to sleep. Yes. He just holds them... but it still kinda hurts. :my_biggrin: 

So he does the cat thing of running up & down the hall at break neck speed singing the song of his people whilst scratching at the door. Oh & he really likes boxes (naturally).

Did I mention he's a total slut? When he wants to be cuddled it's all purrs & kitten flops. 




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Yes, kittens are toddlers...and cats are 2 year olds! He's getting so big and so adorable and so naughty. He KNOWS he's a spoiled little dude and plans to take FULL advantage of it. Go for it dude...you've got your hoomans right where you want them. 

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One of my mother's cats is a 14 year old Siamese, & she still acts like a kitten sometimes. In fact, she takes great pleasure in tossing things off of my mother's nightstand and onto the floor. When she does this, Mom calls her "You son-of-a-bitch!", but she means nothing by it. It's all in fun. 

Their cats are spoiled rotten & treated very well. And so are the wild animals that they feed outside, too, but that goes without saying.  ;) 

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I love that the box that is full of squishy kitty parts is labeled " Good Stuff". 

He certainly is good stuff!

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Darn it, BBB, you took the words right out of my mouth...filthy unsanitary habit. (g)

Moar pictures! Are you going to dress the CatBrats up for Hallowe'en?

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Kittens - tiny, clumsy, ninja killer toddlers that purr. 

Also, I would like to announce that Mela'sCats get dressed up in costumes every Halloween and I plan to share the photos

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our cats are called @$$holes. Luke was trying to fight with Leia...Leia jumps to the top of the curio...we laugh and call Luke an @$$hole. Right now Leia is snuggled up with her papa and Luke is on top of the cat tree where he thinks he's invincible. 

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My Charlie is affectionately called YouLittleShit because when he was a baby he would chase feet while we walked, among other typical kitten mischief.  Lately his trick is to sabotage the jigsaw puzzle on the table.  

But I'm with BBB and Samira--everyone should have a box-o-cats labeled Good Stuff!

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I would love to dress them up, but the older ones just get pissy & pull it all off. If we can catch Thor in a calm mood we're going to try some bat wings! Not sure how it's going to work out but if it does there shall be pictures!

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There is no way my little idiots would allow me to dress them up. Leia won't even keep a collar on. I mean, I'll put a collar on and it's GONE in hours. Luke...well...he has had the same collar since he was a baby, he doesn't give a shit. However, this is also the cat that rolls off the top of the cat tree...

We were entertained this morning by watching Leia "explain" to her brother that she wasn't going to put up with his crap...IOW, he was being a jerk, she kicked his ass...it explains the tufts of hair on the carpet. Sibling rivalry...it's a beautiful thing. 

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  • Posts

    • JermajestyDuggar

      Posted (edited)

      8 minutes ago, browngrl said:

      I'm meal prepping today and while doing all the chopping and washing up I've been musing about Alison's wedding. Topics I've consided:

      Possible lumberjack style bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen wear: plaid dresses with a burlap bow. Daisy flower  and straw crowns and Laura Ingalls type boots. The men of course in suspenders/plaid shirts and khakis (they could all be munching on a piece of straw as they walk down the aisle). 

      Possible scenarios for the wedding: what if Steve Maxwell crashed the wedding to deliver a sermon on the current state of his scrotum with perhaps a few casual comments on death? 

      Clearly I need a break from kitchen work and thinking about fundies .😀

      It looked like Curtis Bowers may have led the service for Jesse’s recent wedding. I wonder if he mentioned Steve’s scrotum like Chelsy’s dad did at her wedding. 

      Edited by JermajestyDuggar
    • IrishCarrie


      God, I enjoyed reading through this entire thread  - thanks for the Friday afternoon giggles, guys - I needed that!!! 😂

      FWIW @Lucinda, I'm in Ireland, I had never heard of you, I don't have access to watch Dr. Phil on any of my TV channels (and frankly don't really like the sound of him from what I've read of his beliefs), I have no idea what Hephzibah House is and I only clicked on this thread because you made it hot.

      And now I'll never forget you babes 😘😘😘


    • CaricatureQualities


      8 hours ago, indianabones said:

      Just a reminder of exactly what Jeremy believes about racism, based on the Statement of Social Justice and The Gospel that he signed (bolded for emphasis by yours truly.)

      "We affirm God made all people from one man. Though people often can be distinguished by different ethnicities and nationalities, they are ontological equals before God in both creation and redemption. “Race” is not a biblical category, but rather a social construct that often has been used to classify groups of people in terms of inferiority and superiority. All that is good, honest, just, and beautiful in various ethnic backgrounds and experiences can be celebrated as the fruit of God’s grace. All sinful actions and their results (including evils perpetrated between and upon ethnic groups by others) are to be confessed as sinful, repented of, and repudiated.

      We deny that Christians should segregate themselves into racial groups or regard racial identity above, or even equal to, their identity in Christ. We deny that any divisions between people groups (from an unstated attitude of superiority to an overt spirit of resentment) have any legitimate place in the fellowship of the redeemed. We reject any teaching that encourages racial groups to view themselves as privileged oppressors or entitled victims of oppression. While we are to weep with those who weep, we deny that a person’s feelings of offense or oppression necessarily prove that someone else is guilty of sinful behaviors, oppression, or prejudice."

      The next time Jeremy takes to his insta to "weep with those who weep" he should finish it off proper and remind them that their "feelings" about being the victims of oppression are total bullshit. 

      How does a man with so many leather books know nothing of colonization?

      How can you take "the good things" from and ethnicity or culture and say it's the fruits of god and clearly separate those from  the "bad things" from same culture and say they are not connected in anyway?

      Welcome to the world of not understanding a single goddamn thing but thinking you should get paid to lead others.

      Can somebody tell me how this man makes money? If JB don't pay em show money where does it come from/ They always seem pretty flush and L.A. isn't Arkansas... Seriously how do they afford anything? How much can JV possibly get paid to talk out his ass? Or do they get shit for free from the churches and leghumpers they interact with? What kinda white christain tv personality privilege is that. Don't tell other groups they are not oppressed when you get a pretty swank life for doing absolutely nothing.

    • EyesOpen


    • Alisamer


      3 hours ago, AmazonGrace said:

      Do the people who seek counseling from you know how you behave online?

      They might now, after she single-handedly managed to take this obscure dead old thread and make it current and hot.

      3 hours ago, Lucinda said:

      so I have answered all your stupid questions and now I am going to move on to better things - you can spend your time tearing someone else down - or if you feel the need to continue to bully and tear me down go right ahead - 

      Somebody doesn't know what bullying is, I think.

      2 hours ago, Lucinda said:

      I have that legal right to demand the lies be removed- and it doesn’t give anyone the right to bully anyone like you are doing to me- so yes move along 

      You can demand whatever you want, the exact same as people here can say whatever they want.


      Look. I don't get why you are here. I also don't get how you, a counselor, can't understand how terrible your posts in this thread make you look. The "lies" you are complaining about seem to be pretty minor things, as best I can tell, and more than that - until you started making a stink here it's likely no one in need of your services could even find them to read them! And if they did, they'd likely just say "Hmm." maybe research the one or two that bothered them (if any of them did), or just ask you about them. You'd explain, and all would be well.

      But now... they'll read your posts here. The ones where you sound unhinged, type like a middle schooler, and come across as vindictive and angry. 

      People don't want a vindictive or angry counselor. 

      Please, for your own good, take a deep breath and walk away - for real, not the revolving flounce door. This was not a big deal in any way shape or form before you made it one. It was not damaging to you in any way until you made it a crisis. If it really bothers you, send the link to your lawyer and let them deal with it! 


      And no, I'm not perfect. I do, however, prefer to present myself as someone who is reasonably intelligent and literate. I'd think someone posting under their own name about their own business would want to look professional - I know I would. If you believe that the things written about you here are damaging to your business reputation, that means you believe potential clients will be reading those things. If they'll be reading those things, then they'll be reading your posts here as well - we don't delete posts here so they are there forever. If I believed my potential clients would be reading my posts, I'd write those posts with the same tone I'd use in a professional email to a client!

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