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FJ Colorists Unite

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Last Christmas Picture



Finished my first coloring book. I have a new one coming on Wednesday along with 50 new colored pencils, which is a big upgrade for me :) Looking forward to staring my new book and sharing it with you all. 


I included an In Progress shot of the baubles for funsies.



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You finished one whole book?  Wow I am impressed.  I have not come close (and my husband points out I have PLENTY of books!).  That's an accomplishment all on it's own.   It's almost time to start Christmas coloring again :)

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  • Posts

    • Wolf in Sheeples’ Clothing


      2 hours ago, TuringMachine said:

      Very much yes. Republicans love Ronald Reagan. Back in 2015 the republican debates were like a competition for who could say Ronald Reagan the most.

      No matter who it's spelled, if JoKen calls their kid Reagan or Raegan I'm still calling it a win for me.

      Every time I hear the name Reagan I think of Linda Blair in ‘The Exorcist.’ 

      (Though her name was spelled ‘Regan’).

    • Ozlsn


      On 10/29/2020 at 10:31 AM, thoughtful said:

      "Amana tell you somethin. Listen to me!" Tommy claps his hands together, loudly and quickly, six times. "Moms and dads, you can take your chil'ren, raise 'em, teach 'em, drill 'em, do what's raht, teach 'em the raht way, preacher preach to 'em, tell 'em the truth, teach 'em the Bahble, drill it in 'em, DO EVER'THIN' YOU CAN FOR 'EM! . . . ONE . . . ROTTEN . . . WOMAN!  . . . Am ah tellin' raht? ONE ROTTEN, WORLDLY WOMAN will destroy ever'thin' you put in their life."

      For sure there Tommy - men have literally no control over their lives. Can't do a thing in the face of temptation. Which is why they should be covered from neck to ankle at all times, andalways travel with an accountability partner.

      Also run far away Caleb - and further still, Caleb's love interest.

      4 hours ago, thoughtful said:

      Dressed lahk a whoore in the house o' God, make God sick, vomickin', HAYMEN!"

      Damn, now I really want a JRod/Gary cross over.

      4 hours ago, thoughtful said:

      People mowk him, reminding him that everybody wore robes in the Bible, but he done some studyin', "AND THE MAN'S AND THE WOMAN'S THANGS LOOKED DIFFERENT HAYMEN!!"

      Not sure that Gary has in fact done studying.

      4 hours ago, thoughtful said:

      His nekkidness belongs to his wife, and nobody else.

      First or second Gazza?

    • AussieKrissy


      45 minutes ago, Bluebirdbluebell said:

      Ashley and Danielle seemed too dated for Joken. They're 80s/90s names. Addison is a 2000s named that was still popular in the 2010s. I think Natalie is your best option for a guess. It was popular more reccently.

      Maybe Natalie with the nn tilly. Addy and Tilly go well. 

    • apandaaries


      On 9/22/2020 at 3:15 PM, Grace said:

      She did more pottery practice time. I think a STAHM has every right to have a hobby and it's great that she's making room for it...but holy budget buster! She's spending a whole lot of time and money on this! Obviously I expect she will likely lose interest in this pretty soon like she seems to do but in the meantime.... who's got the kids? Are they paying a sitter? How much does the wheel time and clay cost? And they just bought a power washer AND air compressor?  I guess Mark is selling a lot of couches lately.

      Didn’t she also blow some insane amount of money of a truckload of windows  recently too?  Did she ever reveal that project? I assumed she was aiming for a greenhouse of sorts (though I also think they rent? I don’t know).

      I’ve lost my Instagram login info completely somehow and am debating whether or not to return, so I’m not caught up on her.

      Anyone out there know what she did with all those windows? 
      I agree also — mysterious finances. 🤔 

    • Bluebirdbluebell


      13 hours ago, allthegoodnamesrgone said:

      I've noticed Jana & Jessa have really attached themselves to Joy since Annabelle died. I think the family was worried she would be like Jill and drift away. I honestly think the biggest issue with Jill & Joy is Austin & Derick  I can see Austin hating Derick for bein an "intellectual" and Derick hating Austin for being a a "dumb hick" I think had Jill stayed in the cult that she & Joy wouldn't have stayed that close, Austin & Derick are like oil & water.  Austin is 100% country boy and he doesn't seem interested in expanding his world view in any way shape or form. 

      I think they were worried she needed more help, because she was going through trauma. Joy will never escape fundiedom. She's very fundie herself and she's married to another the "perfect" fundie son-in-law. Their combined indoctrination will keep them fundies forever. Joy is trapped in fundiedom forever. 

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