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FJ Colorists Unite

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Whimsical Cat Girl



I got a new book on Saturday and had to start a picture from it right away. It is Whimsical World #2, Fairies, Mermaids, Witches and More by Molly Harrison. The pictures are very simple to colour but so cute. I wanted a book that was easy to use and not too intricate for my new pencils. I got Derwent Inktense 72 count and I used them on this picture. They can be washed over with water to give the colour an ink look, I haven't tried that yet as I like this pic with just the pencil colour.

Whimsical Cat Girl.JPG

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it's been quiet on the coloring front lately

I haven't done any pages in ages 

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This is adorable.   I have to add this book to my wishlist.  I accidentally ordered the Derwent Inktense rather than the Colorsoft and was really sad because I have not had good luck with watercolor type pencils.   They are pretty expensive so I was bummed they would probably just be sitting around.  Then I discovered the world of youtube and came across a tutorial for using them and they are SUPER easy to get great color out of.    I use them both wet and dry, but I just got an aqua brush that was used in some of the tutorials so I will be able to use them wet more often now since my clumsy self won't need to try and balance water and a brush at the same time.

I still want the colorsoft pencils, though.

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Posted (edited)

@Curious, I have watched loads of you tube tutorials on how to use the Inktense pencils as well, I got an aqua brush to use with them as well and I found the best way to get the result I want for my picture is to take the colour on to the brush then put it on the paper. I have the coloursoft pencils as well and there are really lovely colours in the set but I haven't used them yet on a picture. 

Edited by caszandra

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    • front hugs > duggs


      I am by no means saying that having fur babies is remotely the same as real babies, but as pawrents to a dog and two cats, we NEED routine. Sleepy me forgot said routine just the other morning, which led to my pup taking a leak on my carpet. 

    • Gary has an additional comment from a Facebook friend now.

       "I will be. I'll obey God's commands to assemble, to preach, to serve, and to tithe to His church. It's still the Word in 2020!"

      Gary, of course, liked this comment.  That's really all it's ever been about.  If people don't attend, they don't tithe and, if they don't tithe, Gary doesn't get paid.  I think that it would be entirely different if the system had always paid Gary by mail or online.  He'd be happy to preach from his recliner.  

      He's afraid that the church populations won't be back to pre-Covid levels when this is over and he's right to be worried about that.  This has changed things for a lot of people.  However, pretending that the Covid virus isn't potentially deadly won't change anything.  Gary's just going to end up endangering more people.

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    • front hugs > duggs


      Side note, since Abbie loveeeees appropriating Jewish and/or Israeli culture: the Hebrew word for carrot is the slang for red head. Kind of sounds like "gezzer" where the g sounds is like in 'get'.

      Why is it relevant that Simon is 13 and in Jewish tradition he becomes a man? Because he very much does not live in Jewish tradition by, I dunno, believing in Jesus.

    • libriatrix


      2 hours ago, Joe Pukepail said:

      What's culturally inappropriate about "ginger"? 

      In the UK it's commonly used as a slur. 

    • Black Aliss


      On 11/26/2020 at 9:47 PM, ophelia said:

      BTW - who is this girl? It's been some time since I've seen a classic fundie maiden blog.

      Ugh. The first few fundie maiden blogs were entertaining. But now it's pictures from a Trump rally, and comments like this: 


      “So and so asked me why we don’t wear masks.” —April
      “You should have told her it’s because we have some freedom in our family” —Justus 

      Bless his ignorant little right-wing heart.

      On 11/27/2020 at 4:53 AM, JermajestyDuggar said:

      My anxiety would be through the roof if I was at a conference with tons of non mask wearing people. They must all convince themselves that they will be fine. It really shows how differently fundies think. They can completely push aside all the recommendations and live in their own little worlds. Pretending that the pandemic isn’t even a thing. If they can do this with the pandemic, they can do it with so many other things. 

      Some of them are so insular they really will be able to get by pretending the pandemic isn't a thing. In order to become infected you still need someone to be the vector. Surprising, though, that a Trump rally wouldn't have several such people.

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