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Making Friends after 25

Maggie Mae




When I was a kid, until I was, oh, 5 or so, friends were easy. I was friends with the children of my parents friends who were my age. 

Then we moved. And we moved again and again and again. Even when we weren't moving every few years, for some reason my parents thought it would be best to put me in different schools every so often. This wasn't as big of a deal as other people made it out to be. Especially since I knew that as soon as I went to college I'd have to leave everyone behind anyway.. 

Anyway, so I had this hope that someday, in college, I'd have this zany group of friends and we'd get up to hijinks. 





Or at something like this



I'd dreamed of late nights with long intelligent conversations about art and music and humanity. With wacky hijinks. 



But instead it was more like this





And I told myself that since I was going to move away after college it didn't matter that much. (I had a few friends, btw. Just nothing like the "serious deep friendships" that I was lead to believe happened in college.)

I was going to move away and then this would be my life! 




Let's not talk about Carrie's fashion choices or my version of her outfit (complete with headscarf.) Never mention it again. I have hopefully removed all photos from the internet. 

There was never this in my future. 




Why are they all touching? That's WEIRD. Stop touching! Go get jobs! How do you afford your apartment? Even with the rent control, it's unbelievable. 

I have, however, in the last ten years managed to make friends who I don't work with, go to school with, or am otherwise forced to socialize with. But that leads me to the next problem with friends. 



The goodbye party. 

Sometimes they are fun. 








They are always sad. 

Anyway, so one day I had this:



And now I am back to this. 



Which is also nice. 


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Dang, I thought this would be a mournful post about how hard it is to make friends after 25.  This is about all the friends you've had and left :).   Fun photos!

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I went to the same school from pre-k through 12th grade....but otherwise....I can completely relate to this post.

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    • clese


      I can admit to watching out for the littlest Hawkins.  Nothing since the announcement.

      I watch because I really have concerns for mikaelas husband's disposition.

      Also I'm nosy

    • IsmeWeatherwax


      I love the true crime shows, Paula Zahn is my fav tho. 

      I can only watch the US or Canada ones, I freak out at the UK ones, its just too close to home lol

    • Smee


      19 hours ago, theotherelise said:

      If anyone is interested, the Maintenance Phase podcast has a great episode about BMI and how it was never a great measurement and never designed to be used the way it is used.

      I just recommend Maintenance Phase in general. 

      On 10/21/2021 at 1:06 PM, CaptainFunderpants said:

      The difference between a spouse and a plain old best friend is the desire to get in their pants. 

      Asexual here wanting to add that this, too, is not true.

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    • EmCatlyn


      5 hours ago, Mama Mia said:

      Wait. What? Masa and grits and polenta are all the same thing?? 

      Not exactly, but they are related.  

      “Hominy” is dried/parched corn that has been treated in a special way called nixtamalization.

      “Masa” is a dough made from hominy flour.

      “Grits” is any coarsely ground grain (or bean).  Most of the time in the US today, grits refers to hominy grits. However, coarsely ground cornmeal can also be called “grits” and that is roughly the same as “polenta.”  

      Hominy grits taste differently than cornmeal grits, but not significantly different, to some tastes.

    • Smee


      I think if IVF was easier and cheaper, then I'd have more of a problem with people going through it for sex selection. As it stands, that shit sounds BRUTAL and costs a fortune, so I can't imagine many people would make that decision whimsically. If they're already going through IVF for other reasons then yeah, implant whichever embryo you want. The people I know who have been through IVF very very much want a baby at the end of it, so if they said "implant the girl" and the girl didn't stick, they're not going to be throwing out boy embryos just because they're boys.

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    • meep


      I HATE MICROECONOMICS. That is all. 
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    • PinkGreyBrown


      LOL, I read the Bible an awful lot for someone who's a hard-materialist atheist. But, then, I was raised culturally Christian, & US culture is so deeply steeped in Christianity, it's difficult to escape it.
      I like the Bible websites, tending to like the gateway one better than the hub one, for usability reasons. I really like that they have all the versions, all the different books, & all the commentaries. I did buy a Bible, in college lol, a big fat scholastic bible with all the books & a ton of footnotes. I started an atrocity project with it long ago & it's full of post-its.
      I've definitely developed a preference in versions, liking the NIV best so far, it's marvelously clear & the least disappointing when I dig into the depths. The KJVs are muddled & difficult to understand. Recently I've gotten to thinking that's why all these my-own-private-patriarchal-cult & grifters & et al like the KJVs so much, cuz they're a more obscure version that requires more 'explaining', is more open to interpretation. In addition to the obvious historical reasons why, like feeling all connected to the Pilgrim eras, & sounding all Shakespearean.
      I mostly end up reading the Bible as a fact-checking exercise, wondering what the verses & chapters say, the verses that people will have in their bios or social media postings. Tho' I do a fair amount of wondering why people think a thing that ostensibly has Biblical roots, digging around that.
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    • louisa05


      Second grade defeated me today. Worst class ever. 
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    • PinkGreyBrown


      This first-name-prevalance tool is one of my favorite websites ever. Sadly US-specific but nonetheless fascinating for nerds like me.
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    • feministxtian


      I hate English class. That is all.
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