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Spoon Life




I went out at mid-day today to check on the felines I serve.  I thought maybe I could get new cute pictures for @Grimalkin and others to admire!

At first, I didn't have much luck:



7 16 Darryl bad.JPG


7 16 Lucia bad.JPG


So I went and sat and looked at the garden.  I like my garden.  Yes, @OnceUponATime, the bottles are doing quite well, thank you!  :happy:



Apparently, the hunting overlord likes the freshly mown grass, because she showed up to enjoy it.


7 16 Luli cutey.JPG

Shortly afterwards, the senior overlord emerged to investigate the situation.


7 16 Darryl grump 1.JPG

Mr. Spoon did some brush removal yesterday - the hunting overlord inspected and tested it out for camouflage.


7_16_Lucia_lurking.JPG7 16 Lucia Jungle.JPG


And then - I caught a glimpse of the elusive white supervisor.  She's not looking too pristine these days:


7 16 Callie better.JPG

(She got some substance on her back - no clue how - but she has a black spot that I can't get out.  I also don't know what she rolled in to get all that stuff on her shoulder.)

So then, it was the Demon's task to patrol the perimeter:


7 16 Darryl recon.JPG

7 16 Darryl mission.JPG7 16 Darryl mission 2.JPG


After all that busy-ness, I was exhausted!  I retreated to the shade of the house and fans, and found Tortie cat had claimed her back of the chair for a nap.


7 16 Moochie sleeps rev.jpg

Tough days at Chez Spoon.  Tough days indeed.

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     Haha. I love them all. I bet they are all nice and tired after today's adventures! Sweet dreams kitty cats.

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You would think, but an hour ago, Demon was demanding OUUUUUUUUT! (they aren't allowed after supper) and attempting to effect a front door escape.

And she'll be yelling again very early . . . .


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You have such a way with words...and pictures :) 

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14 hours ago, Karma said:

You have such a way with words...and pictures :) 

:tw_blush:  Thank you.  I enjoy sharing and love when others appreciate it.

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    • ToriAmos


      How did it get so damn broken in the US?

      we have our share of problems here in Australia and the Queen is still technically our monarch but no one goes broke from medical bills. Public health just works.

    • Joyster


      For once something Gary said is not confusing.  Clearly, Gary is not of God since god isn't the Author of confusion.


      Also, Gary was in Jamestown, NY yesterday at the Lighthouse Baptist Church.  He included a map to the church like not figuring out how to get to the church was the reason people weren't attending.

    • JMO

      Posted (edited)

      On 8/17/2022 at 12:23 PM, fluffernutter said:

      Did I see Rufus make an appearance in the girls' room? 🦌

      I had totally missed that.  😆  See, Jinger DID do some decorating!  And I agree that the feel to me was that they were doing this because they felt that they had to do a house tour, since every other youtuber does one and Jessa among others they know recently did one on their own channel.  They just aren't particularly enthusiastic about their home, which is fine.  Either fake it or don't do one. 

      Edited by JMO
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    • Mama Mia


      3 hours ago, Idlewild said:

      @SassyPants I agree and I think that she shares his hatred of paying taxes so she’s bound to want to promote something like this rather than having people rely on social care. Of course she has a wealthy family to fall back on, a sideline as an influencer and she’s getting a kick back from this promotion- she will never know true fear of medical poverty ( or any other type of poverty). 
      If there hadn’t been a show and JB hadn’t raked in millions from investing his TLC money, these 2 would be living on the bones of their arse trying to live on Ben’s income.

      I think people are just gigantically overestimating the availability of “social care” in the US. Or care at all. There are massive gaps. And even with regular, good insurance, through an employer - people get into thousands and thousands and thousands of debt. And insurance companies try not to cover things all the time. I wouldn’t advise one of these cost sharing programs, too easy for them to find loop holes not to pay —, but it’s probably no worse than any  cheap insurance - either private pay or through an employer. 

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    • Antimony

      Posted (edited)

      On 8/17/2022 at 12:49 AM, Father Son Holy Goat said:

      Prison menu for federal prisons circa 2020. Any idea if it’s still accurate?


      The phrase "No Flesh Entree Item" makes my skin crawl, but might be a decent name for a metal band. 

      21 hours ago, Mama Mia said:

      I wonder if the federal prison system struggled with the shortages and supply chain issues so many school districts did last year? Seems like they’d have a lot of the same challenges and methods — feeding thousands or tens of thousands of meals from one location day in and day out.  I know kids were posting the random odds and ends they’d get fed because the district food chains were broken and the staff would be trying to feed 20,000 kids lunch from what they could grab at Costco. 

      Some prisons did. This is about Texas specifically, unclear if a federal or state prison. My money is on state (because the author mostly works on State and because Texas State prisons are notorious for issues). I don't think the federal prisons have available calorie counts, but the average calories/day in prisons is 2,000 which is too low. 

      Edit: Unclear about who was experiencing supply chain breakdown issues. 


      Edited by Antimony
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