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Baby Thor

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Jellybean Minions of Doom



The muffins are eating double what they were two days ago & their fur is starting to poof out. They're playing a bit more & like to be snuggled. :my_shy:

I have to wrap them in little kitten burritos so I can feed them. But Little Thor still wiggles like crazy but he attacks the syringe! 



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Squeeeeeeeeeee!  I wish I could cuddle them!  

Have you considered putting a fuzzy toy in with them to snuggle?  Apparently that's popular at the bird rehab.  (We now own a feather duster . . . for the ducklings.)

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@SpoonfulOSugar I did wonder about a toy. I need to sift through the plushies my girl & I have & see what they'd like. 

@HarryPotterFan I thought my big cats had gained massive weight... but I really think it's such a huge difference now that I have a basis for comparison :my_biggrin:

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14 hours ago, SpoonfulOSugar said:

Have you considered putting a fuzzy toy in with them to snuggle?  Apparently that's popular at the bird rehab.  (We now own a feather duster . . . for the ducklings.)

I can see some VERY confused ducklings in a couple months...."Mommie??!?"

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2 hours ago, samira_catlover said:

I can see some VERY confused ducklings in a couple months...."Mommie??!?"

Before we got the duster, I was using a fuzzy round pillow with a pebbly surface.  (See photo - on left.)

Imagine following a blue butt around . . . . 6 9 Wood duckling with fuzzies.JPG

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    • Cleopatra7


      8 hours ago, JanasTattooParlor said:

      Though the average may be that, it varies wildly depending on where in the US you are and what you are a professor of. The state school that I went to in the southeast US had professors in the business college that made $100k+ and then in my department (math) tenured professors started at $56k and new professors started at $50k. I’m a first year high school teacher this year and with the bonus they gave me for teaching math, I’m making almost the same that a new professor would. 

      The sad thing I see is my low income kids have so many hurdles to face when it comes to education, especially the black males in my school. The culture says that being a well educated black student is showing your whiteness and those students get shunned by other black people in the school. It makes me so sad as I’ve watched a few of my students this year start off as strong students and then drop off after the first quarter of school because their peers are telling them school doesn’t matter and it only matters to get by. It seems like no amount of encouragement helps either because they care more about what their peers think than what I think. I just try to push them to get to whatever their goals are and it makes me sad that most of my students only care about getting by. 

      ETA: I can really understand why teachers get burnt out so quickly if they’re having experiences like I am. I feel like I put my all into my students and it still isn’t enough to change their perspective on their own abilities. I about cried when I gave my first final exams last week and the majority of my kids failed despite me putting my all into a five day review of the semester for them. 

      As a black person who has spent their entire life as the “black girl” in majority environments, from kindergarten to PHD, those kids aren’t entirely wrong. If you really plan to succeed academically in this country as a minority, you have to be socialized at a young age to accept that you’ll be the only person who looks like you in the classroom, every single day for the rest of your life (it will continue into the workplace if you plan on doing any kind of white collar work). Not only this, but to be minimally accepted in these white environments, you also need to be know how to code switch, not be threatening, and talk about the things white people find interesting. White people, even the liberal ones, don’t realize this, because they consider themselves to be the default and don’t realize the psychological work it takes to be a perpetual minority. Most black people don’t want to do this. Frankly, most whites don’t want to either, which is why they balk at the idea of themselves or their children being a minority. What integration has meant is that the onus is on blacks and other people of color to conform to white tastes and situations, while it is sufficient for whites to merely tolerate the presence of minorities in their spaces. If we as a society were to get real about what actually needs to be done to encourage “diversity,” we’d talk about these issues, but we’re not, so it doesn’t happen.

      Since 2016, I’ve been reevaluating my life as a black female in the post-Civil Right era who has spent the bulk of her life socialized among whites. On paper, I suppose I’ve been a success, but I’ve been wondering about whether the ontological and psychological violence is worth it. I believe it was James Baldwin who asked what the point is of integrating a burning building, and I feel like I’ve spent much of my life as that cartoon dog in the meme who says, “This is fine,” while covered in flames.

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    • Mom2Bubby


      17 minutes ago, louannems said:

      At Andrea's funeral, I heard the minister call Tom Tommy. Maybe the locals all call him Tommy.  I wonder if Aunt Josie is a real Aunt+Tom Tom sounds like a family nickname.

      "Someone else asked if he believed in corporal punishment and he said he wouldn’t  answer that. (But he already did in a previous video.)"

      Do you really which video Tom discussed corporal punishment?  I didn't think the Mill's believed in spanking.

      In an old video, Andrea discussed at length their view on natural consequences. And in the comments, someone went on about proverbs and beating children with a rod, but Andrea refused to comment back.

      Live dinner April. 2018- They said they believe in corporal Punishment but don’t really have to do it very often as usually a strong talking to from dad will work. I only remember this because I just watched it. And I do remember the video about the natural consequences too. So who knows what they really believe. 

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    • AussieKrissy


      As long as your Christian, straight and don’t need/want an abortion amongst many other things.... 



    • can'tstopwatching


      1 hour ago, Queen Of Hearts said:

      Are you talking about Tora? Because I felt like she was being beyond obnoxious in trying to get noticed and make it known she is single.

      Looks like she has changed her name to Olga but kept her same photo, interesting. Might change again now lol. Ah I’ll leave her alone though.

    • HerNameIsBuffy


      Just now, Maggie Mae said:

      Me! I too took the test with the varients. 

      This will give me something to do tonight.

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