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What Do You Say When You See Someone?




Who knew this factoid, though it does make sense...


So unless you plan on calling me, don't plan on me responding with a "hello!"  It would not be appropriate.  Something more along the lines of, "Get the hell off my foot!" might be the reaction you get.  Or maybe "WTF?!?!?!"

Just sayin...

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"Salve" or "Ciao".

ETA at the phone we say "Pronto" that means " I'm ready".

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Believe it or not I have lovely manners irl, most of the time.  I chew quietly and with my mouth closed, I apologize profusely when I accidentally shove someone off of a curb, I remove my opera gloves before shaking hands with heads of state and the Pope...but at no other time.

But I am sure my sainted mother is glad she never lived to hear how rude I am when I answer the phone.  I have two greetings and you can tell my mood by which one I use:

"This is Buffy*"  I'm in a good mood.  I took the time to speak an entire sentence fragment to you...clearly welcoming.  If you insist on saying hello or asking how I am I will sigh and humor your need for insipid niceties.

"Buffy*"  Clipped tone - get to it.  Ask me how I'm doing and you will get a "fine - you? what do you need?" in rapid fire which allows no time for you to answer indicates I don't care how you are and am annoyed at the intrusion.

*Although I do use my actual name - although I'm thinking if I start using Buffy maybe people will get confused and stop calling me.  Something to think about.

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      ScottieJune Love Weaver was born Jan 26 2023 to Vanessa Clark Weaver and Jeffrey Weaver. Another baby girl named after her father Jeffrey Scott

    • JermajestyDuggar


      5 hours ago, Idlewild said:

      From the clip on Jinger’s instastory, Jeremy is there with her and seems pretty pleased with himself.

      Isn’t he always pleased with himself? I swear he acts so paternal with Jinger it makes me want to vomit. 

    • JermajestyDuggar


      3 hours ago, indianabones said:

      I can't believe they're already up to 14 grandchildren in less than five years. That's gotta be a fundie record- even the Bates family had only gotten to 10 grandkids within the same period of time. The Mortons had 12.

      Yeah the 4 couples that got married in a 4 month period all got pregnant pretty soon and then just kept having them at regular intervals. Allison may catch up to the others pretty quickly. 

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      Thanks for sharing your trip down memory lane, @PumaLover! Now I'm wondering if I've ever visited the "deepest regions of my being"  and what's actually down there.  I don't think I'll find what Elizabeth Elliott thinks should be there. 

      I love the Everything's Coming Up Roses and that that the menu names each dish.  It seems so...effusively Southern. Sun Splashed Salad! Variegated Veggies!  So. Much. Alliteration

      I googled Betty Boop potatoes and came across a recipe for crispy potato slices with melted cheese and bacon. 

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    • Howl


      9 hours ago, frumperlicious said:

      Utterly bizarre that Bradrick! has set up shop in my home town. 

      I upvoted your post, but really wish there was that facebook "hug and comfort"  emoji as an option.  You might run into him at Walgreens!  

      I suspect that Bradrick! has a pleasant business persona.  No idea what his personal beliefs are these days. Probably still a very conservative Christian but not fundie.  Has he remarried?

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      Y'all, holter monitors suck. And naturally the palpitations that caused this test to be ordered are remarkably absent today. 
      I'm off to go work out in the hopes that triggers it. T minus 10 hours till I get this thing off. 
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