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The Surreal Life 2, Episode 1: Surprises All Around



Six more “celebrities” are thrown together into the Surreal Life house. How will porn star Ron Jeremy and televangelist Tammy Faye Messner get along? How about Vanilla Ice and Erik Estrada? Actually, the big surprises come from Real World’s Trishelle and Baywatch’s Traci Bingham. Read on to find out who is real, who is surreal, and who is just plain diva. 

The Surreal Life is back and so are we. How naïve I was in my preview column, assuming Trishelle Cannatella would be this season’s human cartoon. Read on for the recap and my public apology to her.

Before we begin I want to note there is a disclaimer on the show regarding sexual content and viewer discretion advised. This show is definitely not for the kiddos.

New opening to the show this time out and I like it… Danny Bonaduce in full radio voice introducing the new cast: Tammy Faye Messner, Ron Jeremy, Erik Estrada, Rob Van Winkle (aka Vanilla Ice), Trishelle Cannatella, and Traci Bingham.

In my preview article when discussing upcoming guest appearances I asked for a Partridge and they got one for the opening credits. I have to be careful I don’t start believing in my own omnipotence.

The cast will be picked up in front of various Hollywood landmarks in a trolley. First up is Tammy Faye Messner in front of the wax museum. She introduces herself, mentioning we might know her better as Tammy Faye Bakker. Brief synopsis of her life is that she went to bible college then married Jim Bakker. Pat Robertson asked them to do a show without a script so she has been ad-libbing for over 25 years. After the PTL scandal she felt as if the whole world hated her and it was hard to reconcile that with her love of God. She eventually managed to do so and is now at peace. She lives in North Carolina with her husband, Roe Messner. She has never seen The Surreal Life and supposes that had she been familiar with the show she wouldn’t do it. She says this while laughing kinda hysterically, which is a little disturbing. To her credit, though, she is wearing funky oversized sunglasses that few people can pull off… and she does. While she may be a little wacky, she is daring with accessorizes so she can’t be all bad. The trolley shows up and she’s a little scared. Well, trolleys are scary. Getting in and taking a seat she says she has no idea who she will be living with and applies lipstick before meeting her first roommate, who turns out to be…

Ron Jeremy. He gets on in front of an adult book store. Ron lives in L.A. and for those of you who don’t know, is a porn star. In fact he has starred in over 1700 adult movies, which is the world record. In his prime he was filming three sex scenes a week and when he started “hitting the buffet table more than the gym” he worked even more since the average guy found him more relatable. For some odd reason we see clips of him being groomed… getting his hair colored, specifically. He says he’s been dying his hair since he was 30 and shaves his arms, shoulders, and back so he can look spiffy. He knows many people are opposed to what he does for a living like evangelists and born again Christians so he expects there to be someone adversarial to his profession in the house. As he says this the editors cut to a shot of Tammy Faye peering over the top of her giant sunglasses. He asks Tammy Faye if she knows who he is and she says she knows his face. He’s glad it was his face. He asks if she likes turtles and before your mind heads to the gutter, he was serious... he means actual turtles. He shows her his pet turtle, Cherry, who is adorable. What turtle isn’t? Tammy Faye fawns over the turtle and I get all misty over the tolerance and love abounding on that trolley. Ron interviews that Tammy Faye looked great and has quite a nice physique, which surprised him. He compliments her on her sexy skirt which she says wasn’t intended to be sexy… she was going for groovy. He says it’s both. And so begins the foreshadowing of Ron being the voice of diplomacy in the house. He says by the end of the 12 days they may change each other… he may be praying to Christ while she is watching adult movies. Tammy Faye interviews that she had never met a porn star before. Who would have guessed?

Next stop is in front of Winchell’s Donuts and here comes Erik Estrada with a box full of donuts. Erik reminds us he used to be Ponch, and really, who could forget? I never saw the show but I remember my Tiger Beats from the ‘70s. He says that after that show his career went down the tubes as he had 50% of the net profits and that apparently annoyed the powers that be, so they made sure he disappeared. Makes it sound kinda mafia-esque the way he says it but when they make you disappear you really disappear and don’t get banished to the celebrity C-list. He went to Thailand, Italy, and then became a star on a hit soap in Mexico. That experience was better than a sharp stick in the eye, according to Erik. I’m liking his facial expressions and to be honest I came into this expecting him to be really arrogant and self-important but so far no signs of that. He lives in L.A. with his wife and daughter.

Why are they giving us locale info on everyone? Trying to take some of the work out of it for would-be stalkers?

He recognizes Tammy Faye and Ron right away and asks Ron if he wants to be roomies. Ron says okay but looks less than enthused. Erik admits he knows Ron from watching his movies, says at his age nothing wrong with having seen a little porn.

Next stop of the Surreal trolley is in front of Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles. Honestly, I would be hard pressed to think of two foods that go less well together. That’s my opening for Redacted’s House of Bubblegum and Herring. I think I’ll stay out of the restaurant business and stick to recapping. Rob Van Winkle, aka Vanilla Ice, joins our merry band of travelers and tells us that while he will answer to Vanilla Ice he prefers to be called Rob. Just as I’m thinking, “good, I know how to refer to him in the recap,” he says, “it’s as simple as a pimple,” and with that I vow to refer to him only as Vanilla Ice. It annoys him and since he annoyed me, now we’re even. He tells us that he wrote “Ice Ice Baby” when he was 16 and was 19 when the video came out. It went platinum in the first week, made him “crazy money” and it was “sick.” I agree with both of those assessments, that was one crappy song.

We learn a little more about Rob. We learn that he says “Whoa!” in a way reminiscent yet even more irritating than that Joey Lawrence kid on Blossom. We learn that he once had a lot of money and a lot of women but fame sucked and he turned to drugs and reality sucked and he wouldn’t wish his life on his worst enemy. If fame sucked shouldn’t he be happy he isn’t burdened with it anymore? He has nothing to gain from being on this show. He lives with his wife and two daughters and is touring with his new band. Why leave them for a show in which you have nothing to gain? Never mind… it was a rhetorical question and I don’t need to explore his reasoning, such as it might be. Tammy Faye tells Rob he looks like her son, with all the tattoos and the lip ring. He asks her not to hold it against him.

Oh look, a fan chasing the trolley down the street to get inside to snap a picture of Vanilla Ice. He says he gets recognized a lot. I had no idea one-hit wonders had such a long shelf life.

Next stop: Crazy Girls strip joint and Trishelle Cannatella makes her entrance. In the interest of fairness I will disclose my bias here. I was fully expecting to mock Trishelle this entire season. For many of the stars of this show the prejudgments I made were way off base, but in none was I so far from the mark as with Trishelle. She managed to change my opinion of her in this hour, she is not only the least cartoonish of all the women in the house but – and this is the highest compliment I can give – she is a truth screamer. I reserve my right to change my opinion at any time, that’s the kind of petty and judgmental woman I am, but if tonight was any indication of how she will carry herself this season her public image will be dramatically improved. For those of you who don’t watch MTV; Trishelle was on The Real World: Las Vegas and also on The Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Gauntlet. From her first show, she ended up inducted into the Reality TV Hall of Shame for her behavior. I explain this to you as she explained it to the other cast members as none of them knew who she was. She had them thinking she was a dancer at Crazy Girls for a minute. She is originally from Cutoff, Louisiana, and was super rebellious for her small, conservative town. Her daddy told her she didn’t belong here so that empowered her to go on The Real World. Think her daddy is wishing he had chosen his words more carefully? She doesn’t feel that she is famous and says it takes no talent to be on The Real World. She is pretty sure the general consensus of everyone in America is that she is a total slut. I don’t think that’s fair as not everyone in America saw her season. Ahem. Trishelle admits to loving to kiss boys and that guys are good for many things… like opening wine. I hope she knows they are good for other things, like lawn care and relining the brakes on your car. Oh, don’t write to me about male-bashing, I’m just kidding. My father was a man, I’m marrying a man, and I’m raising two future men – I love men. And they are inherently wonderful in many non-tangible ways but they do also come in handy when you need one of those pesky jars opened or a spider killed.

Back to Trishelle, she says she’d never want to live with someone like her. She says she’s messy, talks constantly, is obnoxious, loud, and drinks a lot. Ron asked her about life on The Real World and she says “you fight, you f**k, and you drink a lot.” Tammy Faye covers her ears while trilling la la la and says she isn’t supposed to be hearing any of this. That sounds like it would have been condescending but it was actually quite cute. Trishelle thinks Tammy Faye might get preachy with her and we cut to Tammy Faye interviewing that her favorite thing is ministering the gospel. Ron changes Trishelle’s statement to “fighting, making love, and drinking a lot,” to the amusement of his companions. Tammy Faye giggles as she says there will be no making love on this trip. Time will tell. I don’t know. I don’t think “making love” and “f**king” are always interchangeable terms but then again I don’t have the kinda numbers Ron does to make the assessment. Then again most NFL teams don’t have the kinda numbers Ron does.

Last stop on this weird collection of celebrities is some generic film studio as a name isn’t shown. Traci Bingham climbs on board and interviews that we would most likely know her from her role as Jordan Tate on Baywatch, the first African-American regular on the series. I had never heard of her before the cast list for this show was announced and neither did Tammy Faye. She says that while she had no idea who she was Traci was one of the most beautiful women she had ever seen. Maybe she was just being nice. Traci goes on to tell us that she is one of the “most realest celebrities” you’d ever meet. One website I checked for background for my preview article said she went to Harvard. Wouldn’t you expect someone with an Ivy League pedigree to have a better command of the English language? Traci says that she isn’t a bimbo (says her) but she is an exhibitionist and loves to wear nothing. If she has a buzz going on she will dance on tables or be in the hot tub. She further explains that she is anal about housekeeping and can’t stand a messy kitchen, and hates sloppy eaters, which is voiced over a shot of some of her new roommates’ sloppy eating. I think I am falling a little bit in love with the editing here. She is the kind of person who will vacuum a room and then not want people to walk on the carpet. I take it she has no children. Trust me, after kids you either give up that dream or live with the internal hemorrhaging. She can’t abide being around people with bad manners and will tolerate it for as long as she can but if pushed too far she will go off. They need some foreshadowing music here, since later we see Traci exhibit the worst case of bad manners I have ever seen on a reality program. Seriously.

Traci can’t stay as she has to shoot a TV show. I thought this was shooting a TV show? Whatever, as long as she goes away. Trishelle thinks Traci is very plastic and artificial and thinks she will soon get on her damn nerves. Oh Trishelle, you have no idea.

Everyone walks in and sees the house. Everyone but Traci, that is, since she’s out shooting another TV show. Because she’s famous, damn it, even if most people have never heard of her. There is the Warhol wall again, which I love. For those of you who missed last season, on one wall of the house is a giant artwork in homage to Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe portrait where each of the stars has a row of identical pictures of themselves from their heyday in a surrealistic style. It’s very cool and I would love one in my house of my family. Yep, I’m that tacky. Everyone comments on how badly the house is decorated and Tammy Faye is shocked by how crappy and retro it is. Crappy, yes, but retro? I don’t know. “Pseudo retro meets whorehouse decorated by frat boys on acid” perhaps. Even Trishelle wishes she could tone the décor down and she’s lived in a Real World home, which aren’t exactly known for their subtle decor. I do have to say the house is the same but the interior is much uglier than last season. Where is a Queer Eye when you need one? Oh look, a friend for the turtle, the house has a gray parrot. It’s very cute and I hope they remember to feed it more consistently than last season’s cast did with their fish.

Is there liquor in the house? You betcha. Ron goofs around pretending to order champagne to Erik Estrada’s suite while Trishelle notes the well stocked bar. Trishelle is hoping Ron will drink with her and he says he’ll have a glass of wine while she says she’ll clean the bar out. She wants people to party up because they are all on two and she’s on ten. I would quote Jani Lane here about going to 11... from the “Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich” video but I’m afraid no one but fellow Redacted writers Redacted and Redacted, and my friend Redacted would get the reference. Oh wait, he borrowed the quote from Spinal Tap so maybe it is more mainstream.

Tammy Faye walks through the hallways saying she hates the place and I shudder. In some shots she looks nice but the lighting in that hallways wasn’ kind to her.

Trishelle, knowing the drill from her show, goes to check out bedrooms to make her choice.

Back to the bar, Tammy Faye is telling Ron she doesn’t drink and he says he’s only having one. She says even Jesus drank wine so she wasn’t judging, all things in moderation. She is not annoying me at all, how surprising is that? Ron is surprised too at how pleasant she is since it is evangelists who have been trying to put his industry out of business. They talk about the piano and Ron says he plays classical music and Tammy Faye says that she also plays. She tells him she owns the organ that was once in Frank Sinatra’s house and Ron says he owns an organ that was once in many, many movies. It takes her a second to get it and once she does she chastises him gently, not for his career, but for the cheap joke. She goes off in search of her luggage saying that she neither understands nor agrees with his line of work. Points for not being shrill, Tammy Faye.

Trishelle is looking for the bedrooms and only finds three with a total of five beds. There are six cast members. We learned last season that large as the house is, only parts of it are utilized for this show and so they are surprised at the coziness of the quarters. Still, there should be at least a bed for everyone. Surely these people can create enough drama on their own without this. Tammy Faye, showing she is a good sport, offers to sleep on the couch. The sleeping situation is such: there is one room that has one bed which is decorated in a very feminine fashion complete with vanity. There is another room which appears to be quite a bit larger and is done in a horrifically blinding black and white checkerboard pattern (walls, flooring, and bed linens) with one round bed. The third bedroom has the same criminally bad checkerboard pattern in red and white and it has three beds. Erik immediately grabs what he dubs “the princess room.” He says, “It’s gay looking, but it suits me.” I don’t think it’s gay looking, it’s girlie looking… he leaves it to me to draw the distinction. Ron thinks it was wrong of Erik to take the best bedroom for himself and Trishelle wants to know why Erik needs the vanity. The young and gorgeous have no concept of the primping involved in being an aging heartthrob.

Ron asks Erik who he – ahem – made love to (if he can edit the vernacular for Tammy Faye I can do it for my editor) to get the best room. Erik Deadpans, “Tammy Faye.” Bringing on the funny without malice, who would have thought Ponch had it in him? Tammy Faye says she will be sleeping in the walk-in closet; Erik helpfully responds that it has a lot of space. Vanilla Ice won’t sleep on “the pimp bed” (the round single bed) so the couch is looking pretty good. Trishelle says all the loud people should be in the back (as she heads to the red and white room) which means “me and you for sure,” she says to Ron. He obligingly follows her back to their new room.

Ron interviews that Trishelle is adorable – very pretty, sexy body, a great looking girl. She talks about posing topless for a Playboy DVD and says she thought he would be a total perv and he turned out to be… a total perv. She is showing him a framed picture of and pointing out two boys that started fighting over her on the first day. He agrees that naturally, they would. It could be a picture of her Vegas season and the boys in question are Frank and Steven or was it the Gauntlet and it was Adam and Mike’s affection she was talking about? We don’t get to see the picture so it will ever remain a mystery. Ron says that Trishelle likes guys who are not quite ripped and have a great sense of humor so he has two things in his favor as they show Ron’s “not quite ripped” physique. Since when does she not like ripped? Anyone remember the Miz? Anyway… Trishelle says in no uncertain terms Ron doesn’t have a shot with her and it will never happen. Ron didn’t come here planning on finding anyone with whom he would be intimate (my phrasing was nicer than his and I didn’t use his not because it was vulgar but because it didn’t make sense and I need logic in my euphemisms) but he wouldn’t say no. He then walks in to the bathroom while she is showering and she curses at him through the frosted shower doors. Do I hear the music of foreshadowing?

Down to the kitchen we go. Remember last season when Corey Feldman pouted about the lack of food in the house and lamented there was so much beer when he was on the wagon? Same speech/different guy as now it’s Vanilla Ice’s turn. Although when Corey opened the fridge there was, literally, only beer and this time there is food there including a half empty gallon of milk. Production crew is getting their calcium, apparently. Tammy Faye morphs into full-on mommy mode and goes in to placate him and find him something to eat. Her reaction to him is eerily reminiscent of how I treated my kids when they were toddlers and not feeling well, or tired and cranky and I was trying to ward off a full blown tantrum. Vanilla Ice threatens to pitch a “rock star fit” over the lack of frozen pizza and Raman noodles. Need I point out one must first be a rock star to throw a rock star fit? Steven Tyler can come to my house and whine about lack of munchies anytime. Vanilla Ice, not really. Trishelle thinks Vanilla is a pain in the ass. I think Trishelle is a truth screamer.

Sitting around the patio table, Trishelle asks Ron how many women he has boned, and he answers that it’s between four and five thousand. Think Gene Simmons will up his number as not to be outdone? Tammy Faye covers her ears again while Erik declares Ron to be a lucky man. Tammy Faye says, “our gang loves to talk about sex.”

Doesn’t that just bring to mind the image of Buckwheat, Spanky, and Alfalfa in the club house comparing notes? Come on, that wasn’t just me that thought that. Was it? Never mind…

Ron tries to explain to Tammy Faye that it’s all in the attitude and that he can be emotionally monogamous while being physically non-monogamous. Do some women really buy that rationalization? Tammy Faye says they call sex “getting a piece” because everyone you have sex with takes a piece of you. That’s kinda creepy in a serial killer kinda way. Erik jokes that in that case Ron has a full closet of pieces. He likes Ron and says his career doesn’t disturb him.

They all decide to jump into the pool and Erik asks if Tammy Faye will put a thong on. She tells him that would be a sight for sore eyes. Self-deprecation is good for the soul, and the image. Ron is getting along with Ice. He says Ice has been laughed at a lot. Vanilla says he hates old pictures of himself from that time, hates any reminder of it. He says he isn’t here to live in the past. Think he knows the only reason he is there is because of his past? Ron tells him he should be proud as he was one of the first white rappers and Vanilla says that music shouldn’t be about image or a gimmick. It should be about the music. This was said by Vanilla Ice. Without a trace of irony. It just leaves one shaking one’s head, doesn’t it? Ron says that Vanilla got famous so fast that when he faded they said “Ice was melting.” Not fast enough, my friend.

Out in the hot tub Erik asks Vanilla if they can share a room so Tammy Faye can have his. She walks out and Erik tells her she can’t sleep in the closet and that she can have his room while he shares with Vanilla. She is genuinely touched and he was sincerely doing the right thing and I checked the channel so see if I was watching the right show. Real grown-up interaction with people being considerate? Does my heart good. Erik felt she deserved the space and she is very grateful. If she had been a prima donna there is no way that would have happened, so lesson to you kids out there that manners are not only good to have from an ethical standpoint but get you what you want a lot of the time.

Trishelle asks Vanilla what he is listening to these days and he says heavy sh*t and proceeds to swear loudly, mimicking the music. Don’t you expect a more educated response from a self-proclaimed musician? Me, too. Tammy Faye covers her ears and goes into her trademark la la la’ing at the sound of the F-word and instead of annoying, it’s kind of endearing. They discuss swearing and she asks why he finds it necessary, does it add an extra punch? He and Trishelle say yes, and she says that the word crap does the job for her, so to speak. Ba dum bump. She says she can express herself without cussing, as a matter of fact she said crap on Christian television recently and it was bleeped out. Ron interviews that the jury is still out on Tammy Faye but she seems sweet and able to roll with the punches.

The conversation takes a theological turn when Vanilla asks her what she would do if she found out there was no heaven and everything she had been working toward was for nothing. Tammy Faye says she would be dead if not for her foundation in Jesus Christ. Before you think that was preachy, remember, he asked. It isn’t forcing your religion on the unsuspecting if someone initiates the conversation and asks for your views. Vanilla goes on to say, “if there is a God…” and at that point Trishelle gets visibly upset and needs him to clarify. She gets him to admit he believes in a higher power and she’s okay with that until he elaborates that the reason he believes this is so is because we are all aliens from another planet so there must be a God. Not sure how he made that connection but I’m not trying too hard to decipher his reasoning. He does in fact believe, and had it tattooed on his back so it must be true, that earth is populated by aliens from a civilization far more advanced than we are so they can find us but we can’t find them. Uhm, if they are so advanced why would they come here and populate a less advanced planet and erase that knowledge from the beings they left behind to populate earth…

What the hell am I doing? Trying to untangle the ramblings of a bubblegum rapper about the essence of life via a recap? I’m either tired or a little insane myself, either is entirely possible… but whichever it is we’re moving on.

Gratuitous shot of Erik adjusting his toupee. Wow, I had no idea. Honestly, I can never spot hairpieces or boob jobs, I assume everything is real. Poor Erik, doesn’t he know bald is very sexy? Being comfortable with yourself is so attractive, I wish more people knew that.

Trishelle interviews that she feels like she’s in a traveling circus with this bunch of carnies and that it’s very sad when she’s the most normal person in the house. Truth screamer. She goes on to wish Traci was there. Careful what you wish for, Trishelle. It’s night and Traci shows up at the house, finally. She says she loves it in a sing song voice. She would. She gives Erik Hollywood kisses and asks him to show her around. He tells her everyone is out back in the Jacuzzi. They fill her in on the six people/five bed situation and Trishelle mentions that she seems nice, but she doesn’t really know her. Just wait, and feel free to revise that opinion. She heads into the house to check it out and tries to take Tammy Faye’s room while Erik points out that Traci has her own bed in the other room shared with Ron and “that girl… Trisher… ” Not good with names, is he? Traci is so confused she can’t think straight. Three rooms, and she has to walk down the hall to another one… that would be mentally taxing to anyone. She tells Erik this isn’t what she was expecting and he agrees it wasn’t what he was expecting, either. She wanted “what we’re accustomed to.” She feels for her that she deserved to have her own room with her own closet and attached bath. She wanted it all. I have all of those things… not sure I consider that having it all, but whatever. She is shown unpacking her Bratz dolls. Particularly, the Bratz doll heads. For those of you without ten-year-old daughters, let me hip you to this (hopefully) passing trend. Bratz dolls are similar to Barbie in size and shape and purpose, and the heads are like the Barbie heads which are like beauty school mannequins for doing hair. The similarity ends there. These dolls make Barbie look like a roll model for feminism. They are younger than Barbie, they are dressed very urban and hip. Read that as: Christina Aguilera but sluttier. They all have bigger lips than I do and I look like Steven Tyler if he was attacked by collagen. They wear copious amounts of makeup and very little clothing. Traci loves her Bratz dolls because, “they look like me!” Except that the dolls look more lifelike and they are actually made of plastic.

Oh no! Traci’s olfactory system is offended and someone must pay! Something smells in the room she shares with Trishelle and Ron and she is on a mission to find the cause. She is positively freaking out as she sprays cologne over everything of Ron’s. She insists it smells like someone died in the room and she drags Ron in to go through his bag claiming she thinks there is a dead rat in there. She insists he help her root out the cause of the smell when he can smell nothing but the cologne she sprayed in there. She made him smell his shoes. Why he didn’t just tell her to get bent I’ll never know. Ron interviews that he showers every day, has been in the Jacuzzi, and has all new shoes. Traci says he smells though and is determined to humiliate him about it. Remember when she said she can’t stand people with bad manners? Nice to know she practices what she preaches; it is always good manners to tell someone they smell and freak out about it among strangers. Traci says when she isn’t comfortable she’s grumpy. I think she’s confusing “grumpy” with “psychotic.”

She checks out the bathroom and sees the tub and declares she’s going to throw up. She CANNOT take a bath in that tub. See, she doesn’t like the color. As long as she has a good reason for her hysteria, that’s okay. And here I thought she was just being silly. Trishelle interviews that Traci is too whiny and too bitchy for her taste. For the tastes of most of the world as well, I’d bet. Traci emphatically states, again, that she doesn’t like the color of the tub and she certainly doesn’t like being made to feel like she should just deal with it. Goodness, no, no one should have to live through the horror of finding one’s temporary bathtub aesthetically displeasing! She is told she could use the shower instead, but she speaks very slowly while over-enunciating every word and states that no one is listening to her. She doesn’t have a problem with the shower… it is the bathtub she doesn’t like.

They are listening, they can’t help it. When crazy people rant you listen whether you want to or not as it’s morbidly fascinating. They just don’t care.

Trishelle points out she can just take a shower and not have to confront the bathtub and Traci smiles insanely and asks why Trishelle is getting so upset. Trishelle tells her she finds her diva behavior overwhelming. Traci ever so patronizingly says that she has made a lifestyle for herself and maybe Trishelle hasn’t gotten to that point in life, yet, where she cares. Trishelle says she hopes she never gets to the point in life where she is so spoiled that she would complain about the color of a bathtub. Ron, ever the diplomat, asks Traci what – from this moment on – they can do to make her happy. She says nothing, she just wants a bed to sleep in. Ron says he has already offered for her to take his bed. Erik interjects and with genuine politeness apologizes to Ron for interrupting him then he turns… on Traci. He says she’s coming off like she’s a plant sent in by the producers to bust their nuts. She smiles, clearly enjoying the attention, and asks him if he thinks she was hired as an actress to start trouble? She smiles again like this is some kind of compliment. He interviews that he did indeed think she was a spy as she was flipping everything everyone said to her around. He mimicked her little head moves. When she talks she bobs her head from side to side like a chicken. He was dead on, Erik has some truth screamer in him. Ron tells her he will sleep on the couch and Trishelle rises up in full righteous indignation and tells him, “you aren’t taking a f**king couch for her!”

Trishelle is now my role model.

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Vanilla Ice has rather permanent negative points in my book over the whole lifting a riff off Queen/David Bowie's Under Pressure, not giving credit, getting sued (and losing) nonsense (if you're going to borrow an awesome riff - give credit)

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    • raayx01


      they'll miss their flight again since they decided to have a full 3 course meal at the airport instead of having snacks by their gate. They'll complain about the mistreat of their animals even though there wasn't any and the only abuse going on is art and Ryann neglecting the cats. they'll get to there new state and put out a asap emergency fund for a Uber because there family members car broke down or something. then they bitch and wine about all the problems and inconveniences at the family members house or there new place.

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    • JermajestyDuggar


      I truly try not the judge other parents. I was at a pool with friends the other day and there was a fecal incident. My friend was like, “the parent should know of the child is potty trained and put them in a swim diaper!” I’m a terrible devil’s advocate so I couldn’t bite my tongue. Of course I had to say that the child who pooped may have special needs and we never know. And my friend agreed. 

      Of course we didn’t set foot in that pool even long after it was cleaned! The mental image was seared into our brains 🤣

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    • fluffernutter


      Jeremy and Jinger did a new you tube video. They are going back to vlogging. They are in a new house, in LA, and it sounds like they plan to be there awhile. They are remodeling. They talked about moving. It was riveting. 💤

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    • GuineaPigCourtship


      11 hours ago, Cults-r-us said:

      Blaming the parent is a cop out and empowers the child to act out.

      Absolutely - kids are individuals just like adults.  All you can do is your best but nobody is able to be ON 100% of the time without breaks.  We're not machines.

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      3 hours ago, MargieB said:

      It's moving day for the entitlement twins.  Anyone want to guess when their next grift will be?  I am sure it will be less than a day for their next "funding request" to appear.

      My guess is that some of their "boxes*" will have been lost, damaged, stolen, etc and they will be needing the items** in those particular boxes replaced ASAP.

      * boxes... if any boxes even exist. They collect free money then do whatever they want. 

      ** items... the lost boxes will "contain" their most valuable belongings so they can beg for as much money as possible.

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