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Worldly Distractions: Girls 3.6 - Free Snacks





Hi everyone! I have an insane work week up ahead. Fortunately, most of the current shows are on hiatus for the Olympics, but in the meantime, I've got to deal with the ones that are left. This means that - unlike most Mondays - I can't do the two-shows-in-one-night thing. So I picked the shorter one. Those of you desperately awaiting your Call the Midwife recap fix, not to worry, it will be back tomorrow night. In the meantime, you're stuck with lots of twenty-something whining.

...from the show, that is.

Previously on: Hannah is a bitch at her editor's funeral and gets a new publisher, but is screwed by her old contract. Marnie demands an honest evaluation from Ray and winds up in bed with him. Caroline is kicked out, and Adam goes looking for her.

Hannah's back at Grumpy's, though she's about to quit again. Ray is confident she'll be back, having had nothing but "bullshit jobs" so far. She protests that it's not bullshit, it's GQ magazine and their profile of "the urban man". Somehow, Ray is still in doubt. He points out that it's probably just advertising, which is selling out and therefore super wrong. They argue for a bit. She still quits. Opening title.

Shoshana saunters through the city, in amazing huge sunglasses. I really want to steal her wardrobe. She notices some guys playing basketball, and hey, isn't that Ray among them? I guess he's taking over for main guy-of-the-series since Charlie ditched. They exchange scowls.

Hannah arrives at her cubicle, which has her name crudely taped on it, and gets down to her "grown-up" job. She screws up within about five seconds.

Side note: I'm very glad this is a show where not much happens - it's easy to recap.

Ray is having a devil of a time running the coffee shop, especially since he seems to think most of his workers are brain-dead pricks. He calls Marnie for a little break, and it's clear he's got a wee bit of a crush! It's awkward, which Marnie comments on. She's bitchy, he's roundabout, and they end up hanging up on each other. Ray decides to go back to work, then turns around and calls her again. He tells her he does care. She asks him to prove it. Uh-oh.

A co-worker walks by Hannah's desk several times, greeting her each time. She is a bit creeped out, but chats with him anyway. Joe is a big fan of her writing and, surprisingly, doesn't have a Twitter account, which in this world is like never having been born. They gossip about the company and general have a grand old time. He offers to give her a tour. This includes a "snack room", which is exactly what it sounds like. Tons of food and drink for all the writers around. And as the episode's title suggests, it's all free. Naturally, Hannah goes nuts.

She arrives at a writer's meeting with an armload of snacks, which is hilarious and awkward. Look, everyone! Lena Dunham eats!

Jessa has somehow landed the job at the children's store, which she sucks at, since she generally alienates the parents. Shoshana wanders by and blabs about her love life. It seems to personally offend her that Ray is finding success while she's going nowhere, at the ripe old age of 21. She thinks the cure for this is to find a new boyfriend, and has designs on the not-so-promising-sounding "Parker".

The writers at GQ chat about their personal lives, where it's clear that Joe has an unrequited crush on another writer, Karen. The editor (Janice) arrives, and they start to throw together some ideas. Hannah looks like she's having fun, and makes some decent pitches. After the meeting, Hannah chats with Joe, who tells all about his crush on Karen. She encourages him to ask her out, but he's a chicken and hangs up without making a decision.

Ray arrives with vegan muffins in hand. Marnie is defensive and, well, kind of crotchety. That's really the only way to describe it. She introduces him to the wonderful world of reality TV. Ray is so not enthused.

Adam enthusiastically greets Hannah in his first language, Grunt. Apparently the sister thing has been forgotten. He's thrilled with her work success (and amazed by her snack room haul), but not so happy about his own prospects - he's trying to keep acting, and auditions aren't going well. He's considering giving it up, though he enjoys the challenge.

Side note: Did you know there is a movie with Adam Driver, Jason Bateman, Rose Byrne and Tina Fey coming out this fall? They play siblings. It became my number one anticipated of the year within about three seconds.

Reality TV has, of course, segued into awkward sex, which I'm pretty sure is this show's trademark.

Hannah tries to apologize to Kevin, another writer, whose feathers she appears to have ruffled during the meeting. He explains that he just doesn't like her, because...her face annoys him? Apparently it's an annoying face. Now, Hannah is an annoying person, but annoying face? I don't get it. Well, we've all had that coworker, so whatever. Karen comes in and tells Hannah she's doing great. In fact, she thinks Hannah could even take Janice's job. Hannah gives them a speech about not selling out, at which they all scoff, because Hannah always sounds like an entitled brat. They detail all their literary achievements, which I must say are pretty damn impressive. GQ gives them tons of perks, and they've all been there for years. I assume this has not changed Hannah's mind one iota. In fact, she's so overwhelmed by the prospect that she has to stick her head under the faucet for a few minutes.

Shoshana chats up Parker in the university library, being her usual babbling self. She tries to convince him about her gritty history. He's not bothered by that (your average nun has a filthier history than Shoshana), but he's overheard her making mean remarks about his intellect and is not amused. She's condescending in return. As well, she demands a serious relationship despite having spoken to him for about five seconds. Surprisingly, he doesn't run screaming.

Hannah goes to see Janice the editor, where she immediately goes on a rant about how she doesn't want to be here in ten years, a corporate sellout seduced by the snack room. Because, you know, two days = ten years, and it's not worthwhile to try to build up your name while you branch out into real writing. Janice is surprisingly unruffled and lets her go without a comment, except that "lots of people would love to have your job". I'm guessing she's seen this before. Hannah turns to leave, then decides she wants to stay. Janice could really care less and asks her to send an email. BURN.

*insert 10,000 word rant about how Hannah is a spoiled fucking moron and how I am one of those thousands who would kill for that job, or any chance at publishing really*

Ray and Marnie wander through Chinatown, where they see some Hannah-and-Adam doppelgangers and quickly hide, because of course they want to keep their association a secret. Once it is determined that they don't have to explain themselves to their friends, they go to a restaurant and chat about their deep thoughts. Somehow Africa comes up. Marnie wants to do good works and end poverty, while Ray thinks Western aid is the cause of many societal ills. She calls him a racist, he calls her spiritually dumb, and they argue, as usual.

Hannah, in tears, gets a phone call from a concerned Joe. When he hears her dilemma, he tells her to write on the weekends. It's "doable", in his words. She agrees, doubtfully.

Shoshana and Parker have more awkward sex while she outlines some ridiculously specific relationship rules. If I were Parker I'd have dumped her by now, but he just gently suggests they talk about it later. She calls him dumb again, just for good measure.

Hannah comes home to find Adam in tears. However, he's just bluffing - he got a callback from one of his auditions! They bounce around happily and he wants to go out and celebrate. But no, that interferes with Hannah's planned writing time! However, before she can write or go out or do anything else...she falls asleep. Adam gently covers her with a blanket. End credits.

It feels like an episode that went nowhere, but on the other hand, the Girls seem to be getting their lives on track - albeit in the most obnoxious ways possible. Still, seeing them screw up is always highly compelling. I'm disappointed in the lack of Jessa lately - she was in this episode for all of two minutes. It was nice to develop Shoshana, however, though as the show goes on I like her less and less. We are now halfway through the season. I wonder what comes next?

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