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Lori may not think she needs to be kept accountable, but we disagree. She likes to use her delete key with amazing speed, but we are faster. This is the place where we keep all the contradictions and screenshots she doesn't want people to see.
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  2. Expectations happen in a marriage. You expect reliability, fidelity, and good treatment among many other things. Expectations don’t always destroy a marriage but unrealistic expectations can damage one. Are you expecting your husband to work backbreaking hours to make ends meet so you don’t have to get a job? Is he expecting you to joyfully bare too many children to the point it damages your body and then have sex after taking care of ten children every day? These can be very unrealistic expectations that can be harmful to your spouse’s mental, physical, and spiritual health. On the other hand, asking for help with chores is not an unrealistic expectation as you both live in the house and are making it a home. Will it always be to your liking? No, because individuals are human with different ways of doing this and may have learned differently in the past. This is where we must evaluate our expectations and determine whether it needs to be addressed or not. Healthy, honest, and kind communication can go a long way to building up your marriage. You married your spouse for an equal, healthy partnership where you communicate desires and needs. You are each other’s protectors and providers, a safe place. You married because you love each other deeply and want to make each other’s lives more joyful, less burdensome, to be a friend and companion, and to stand with each other in times of need and distress. Sometimes life is neither easy nor happy but communication, compassion, faithfulness, and understanding can go far in easing the pain and adding light in dark times.
  3. 21 screenshots of Lori Alexander's f/b post of "Should a Wife Disobey her husband" Screenshots as of 10:16 am EST

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      Jinder Roles

      Good Morning to Simone Biles and Naomi Osaka
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      Got hooked up on MTV's The Challenge. Anyone here who watches the show as well?
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      Mrs Ms

      @Maggie Mae and any other Alaskan FJ members, hope you are safe and live far away from the epicentre of the earthquake!
      Also that no members are in danger of tsunami(s)
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      Just learned that my best friend is negative for her Covid-19 test. This is her second test since this evil virus started. (I don't normally subscribe to the pathetic fallacy, but I am so over the pandemic at this point.)
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      Finished the fucking thing just after 3:30pm today. I hope I passed but if not c’est la vie. Down in LaCrosse, Wisconsin having an oat soda reward.  
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