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Lori Alexander blogs at The Transformed Wife (formerly Always Learning).  Her husband, Ken, an orthodontic consultant is an occasional guest blogger and frequent "white knight" (a/k/a The Horse of TRUTH) in the comments on her blog, facebook page and more recently other people's facebook pages.

Lori and Ken teach wifely submission.  Lori believes that she needs no accountability because she is the voice of the "God of the Universe."   

We disagree.  Lori gives out negative, vile, dangerous advice that she has never lived out herself.   We have many members that can post on the same topics and manage to be positive and helpful, a skill Lori will never attain.  Join us as we keep Lori accountable.  

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    • feministxtian


      English prof is trying to talk me into changing my major. I supposedly have a "gift" for writing and speaking. Got a lot of thinking to do. 
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    • quiversR4hunting


      Turned in church annulment paperwork today. 🥳
      Boy is he going to be pissed when they call him. Almost 2 years to the day from our separation. 
      (He is not abusive, I am not worried about his reaction. If he was abusive the church would take that into consideration and not contact him.) 
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    • WannabeHistorian


      Grandma Historian passed away from Covid this morning. Grandpa Historian also has Covid, but is doing well. Can y'all please spare a moment and say a prayer or just send some positive energy our way? Every little bit helps. 
      · 2 replies
    • mango_fandango


      It’s always so freaking annoying when you’re supposed to have a phone call at a certain time and it never comes…
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    • Cartmann99


      Can we please do fall now?

      · 0 replies
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