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Lori Alexander Accountablity Blog

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About this blog

Lori Alexander blogs at The Transformed Wife (formerly Always Learning).  Her husband, Ken, an orthodontic consultant is an occasional guest blogger and frequent "white knight" (a/k/a The Horse of TRUTH) in the comments on her blog, facebook page and more recently other people's facebook pages.

Lori and Ken teach wifely submission.  Lori believes that she needs no accountability because she is the voice of the "God of the Universe."   

We disagree.  Lori gives out negative, vile, dangerous advice that she has never lived out herself.   We have many members that can post on the same topics and manage to be positive and helpful, a skill Lori will never attain.  Join us as we keep Lori accountable.  

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    • 47of74


      There’s a story behind this one. 

      Yeah I wanna know too. 
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    • GreyhoundFan


      Doggie Dance Party!
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    • K'Z'K


      Anyone making masks?
      So, if you read the JRod threads (and you should!) you may know that I have been trying to clean up the basement of my house. It's dusty and gross, the kind of project for which I would ordinarily pop down to the hardware store and buy some proper dust masks, but, well, you know.
      One thing that people have started to do to try to cope with the shortage of proper PPE is to make face masks out of fabric. I made a crappy one myself, but all I had was some old scrub pants, needle and thread, and shitty sewing skills. It helped, but I still inhaled far more dust than I'd like. Right now there are piles of dust/dirt where I tried to consolidate it for later pickup, and I'd like to get that situation dealt with. But not without better protection. So I figured I'd ask on a big forum that may include some people with proper supplies and skills.
      It doesn't have to be virus-safe so much as just regular-grossness-safe, and should be washable so I can reuse it for multiple yuck-cleaning days. If you do have a virus-protective design and materials, I'd want a bunch for myself and my coworkers (animal hospital).
      Details can be discussed via PM.
      · 1 reply
    • 47of74


      Yeah I would never pay that much for this stuff....

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    • FrumperSeamstress


      whoa. Long time no see!
      · 5 replies
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