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Lori Alexander blogs at The Transformed Wife (formerly Always Learning).  Her husband, Ken, an orthodontic consultant is an occasional guest blogger and frequent "white knight" (a/k/a The Horse of TRUTH) in the comments on her blog, facebook page and more recently other people's facebook pages.

Lori and Ken teach wifely submission.  Lori believes that she needs no accountability because she is the voice of the "God of the Universe."   

We disagree.  Lori gives out negative, vile, dangerous advice that she has never lived out herself.   We have many members that can post on the same topics and manage to be positive and helpful, a skill Lori will never attain.  Join us as we keep Lori accountable.  

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    • K'Z'K


      Anyone know how to disguise a webcam?
      I have to start looking for a real job now that I'm vaccinated and the end of the pandemic is a possibility, and that will likely mean Zoom. With video. I'm camera-phobic (I'm fine taking pictures, but I cannot have one pointed at me). I just tried looking for webcams on Amazon and basically had a panic attack and breakdown just looking at pictures of those evil things. Actually having one pointed at me, recording and transmitting . . . no. I can't. It's not nervousness. It's not mere camera shyness. It's a true phobia, though there is apparently no official name for it.
      I have avoided Zoom and its ilk so far (my family was all into Zoom meetings this time last year, but I started with audio-only, then said no entirely), but it's all the rage and likely will be for a long time, if not forever. So I'll need to suck it up and get a webcam. Maybe if it's covered up like a nannycam I can force myself to use it without having a total breakdown. It also needs to be easy to disconnect and shove in a drawer because I can't have one where I can see it, even shut off, unplugged, and covered.
      So . . . any suggestions for webcam disguises? One already non-camera-looking would be best, but an appropriate cover could work. The tricky part is that the lens must be covered as much as possible. Can I use an actual nannycam for this?
      Please do not suggest "therapy" for my phobia. That is not an option for many reasons, which I will not get into here.
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    • Marly


      Happy international weed day to my fellow mary jane loving/enjoying FJ'ers 

      I usually only smoke weed on Friday evening and Saturday evening, but I will be making an exception for today. The weather is lovely and I am off work at 15:00, so then I'll be sitting in the sun on my balcony, listening to some good music and  
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    • 47of74


      I know it's almost over but Happy National Cat Lady Day 2021! 
      (And I would request all cat people show us your furry ones).
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    • neurogirl


      The jury in the Chauvin (George Floyd) trial is sequestered in deliberations as of today. I live in Minneapolis now and the edge in the city is palpable, especially after another police shooting here LAST WEEK. Went to our nearby Target today (the one that was destroyed last summer) and the National Guard is already in the parking lot. If the verdict is not guilty or manslaughter...it's gonna be crazy.
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    • SPHASH


      RIP Walter Mondale.  Best presidential candidate never elected.
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