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FJ Colorists Unite

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I love the bright colors.  Sharpies are one of my favorite markers despite my having "artist quality" markers.   I always check for new "limited edition" sets when I'm at any store that carries them.

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Is there a coloring book one can buy, or did you freehand this? Either way, I'm impressed, and I love it!

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I think she said a couple of posts back that she'd bought an adult colouring book, of which this is (clearly) from.

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    • singsingsing


      Have sex ten times a week or zero times a week, but mandating a set number of times seems to take all the fun out of it, doesn't it? Like if it's Friday and they've only managed it twice, does Jill sit there fretting about getting in at least a couple more sessions on the weekend? Is Derick pointing at the calendar, complaining that they haven't met their weekly quota? Why not just relax and enjoy your marriage/sex life and just bring it up if it becomes an issue?

    • Lizzybet


      25 minutes ago, scoutsadie said:

      As is Chawlie, their uncle in another state.


      Hey Chawlie, loving the ear tip!

    • Nikedagain?


      That was a real stream of consciousness video. Whew.

      He seems to think that he has to figure all of this out RIGHT NOW. I wish someone would tell him that he doesn't.

      So very sad. I thought they were super odd, but had genuine affection for each other and their kiddos. Shitty belief system for sure. I bet that just gets worse...

    • treemom


      @thoughtful that catalog link was a gem.  I’m glad most of it is melting down, but damn the good old days made for easy snarking.


      and poor Kelly.  She’s in there with the book she wrote about her paternal grandfather.  

    • Jana814


      Can someone tell me the age range of the kids also are the 4 oldest kids all boys?