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FJ Colorists Unite

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Hello Cuba



I'm copping out of our endless cold winter and heading down to Cuba soon to try and warm up for a week. I thought I'd get myself in the mood by doing a picture from my Creative Haven Hello Cuba colouring book. The level of detail in the pictures in this book is pretty intimidating. This one took me forever to complete and I had major trouble trying to choose colours. The photo definitely doesn't do it justice as the page is really quite bright.


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There is a creative haven cuba book?!?! I must get my hands on that! And this page looks great you did a wonderful job! Ps enjoy your trip to Cuba, I went and it is BEAUTIFUL!

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I love the bright colors you used here.  What did you use to color it?  It looks like you had fun coloring it.

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      1 hour ago, scoutsadie said:

      Hypatia and Calpurnia (Scout and Sadie's little sisters) are pleased to join this thread drift.


      As is Chawlie, their uncle in another state.


      I’m pleased they join us as well 🐈 Beauties! 

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      Look, Lori, just because you were apparently incapable of grabbing important items and leaving in natural disaster doesn't mean the majority of women would sit in their homes burning to death without a man. What do you think most women who husbands are frequently gone on business or with sick family or in the military do? Sit at home unable to deal with issues or problems because their spouse isn't there? My soon-to-be husband's father is not well, so there are periods where he's probably going to have to be overseas with his ill dad and I have to be here. What am I supposed to do while he's overseas? Have a breakdown because I can't cope if there's a water leak or other issue while he's thousands of miles away? 

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      I don't know if it's been mentioned yet, but IIRC Jill stated that "3-4 times is a good start" but Derick says "5-6 times is a good start". Now I'm no math genius but I know that 3-4=/= 5-6. WHO is Derick having sex with the other two times? 😂 JK. 


      His hand.


      I'll be in the prayer closet if anyone is looking for me. 



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      Oh, for goodness’ sake. No one is shaming people who shag daily bar the Sabbath. And I doubt anyone who shags daily bar Sabbath is sitting behind their computer feeling shamed about their great sex life because someone on the internet thinks it’s too frequent - partly because they’re too busy shagging to read this thread or give a toss, but mostly because it’s perfectly evident that people commenting on here about their quotidian hump sessions are speaking about their own personal preferences, not stating moral judgments. 

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      Have sex ten times a week or zero times a week, but mandating a set number of times seems to take all the fun out of it, doesn't it? Like if it's Friday and they've only managed it twice, does Jill sit there fretting about getting in at least a couple more sessions on the weekend? Is Derick pointing at the calendar, complaining that they haven't met their weekly quota? Why not just relax and enjoy your marriage/sex life and just bring it up if it becomes an issue?

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