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Trick or Treating With The Doodys Story 2



Trick of treating with the Doodys, part 2

(because I am a bit dissatisfied with the way the last one went.)



While Jane and Alexa took Katie and Xander trick or treating, Grandma Maude took her younger great grandchildren, Madison and Mason. Jane and Alexa hadn't felt they could manage 4 children by themselves, and Katie and Xander didn't want to go T&Ting with the babies anyway. So Madison and Mason dressed as Elsa (drink!) and Fluttershy, respectively. The 3 year old was a bit scared to dress up in such a “girly” costume, but Maude was quick to reassure him that, “anybody who makes fun of you just isn't comfortable in their own skin. Besides, lots of grown up men are huge My Little Pony fans. You know your uncle T? He never misses an episode.”

“Really?” Mason squealed. All the little kids liked uncle T.

“That's a fact.” Maude said firmly. “Now get out of the car, kids. Let's start with this house on the corner.”

If Maude had known that that was the Moody house, she would have skipped it. If she hadn't been so preoccupied with internal fuming about “boy” costumes vs “girl” costumes, she would have noticed that most of the other trick or treaters were giving the place a wide berth.

Maude rang the doorbell. Mr. Moody opened it. “Now, what do you say kids?” She bent down to ask Mason and Madison.

“TRICK OR TREEEEEEEAT?!” The twins shouted, not in unison.

Mr. Moody opened his mouth, then closed it.

“I thought you turned the porch light off, dad,” said Max, coming up behind him.

“I did, son.” Mr. Moody replied. “I think it's set to come on automatically when people come up...”

“Oh, Mr. Moody, I'm so sorry. We saw the light before we got here.” Maude took Mason's hand and reached for Madison's. “We'll just be--”

“It's ok, Miss. Marple.” Mr. Moody said, “some small animal must've triggered the light. I've got to figure out how to shut it off and make it stay off.”

“But while you're here,” said Max, “won't you take one of these?” He slipped two Million dollar tracts into the twins' outstretched orange plastic pumpkin buckets. “They have the million dollar question on the back.”

Maude stared at Max. “You gave my great grandbabies tracts for Halloween? Instead of candy?”

“Yes,” Mr. Moody said, “It's better for their souls and their teeth. Have a good evening.” He started to close the door. Maude stuck her foot in it.

“You gave my great grandbabies, who can't even read, tracts?”

“Let me give them some cookies, dad,” said Mollie, who had reappeared in the doorway with some cookies in her hands.

“Mollie!” Dad said, shocked. “I already told you, we won't give out treats on Halloween, lest people think we are celebrating the devil's birthday right along with them! Go to your room and pray for forgiveness and an attitude of submission to your God ordained authority.”

Mollie's lower lip trembled. She lowered her head and left the porch. Maude stood there, astonished. She was so shocked at how he had treated his daughter's attempt at kindness that she had forgotten to run away while she still could.

“I'm very sorry to have upset you, Miss Marple.” Mr. Moody said. “Perhaps you could read the tracts to your 2 grand daughters?”

“I'm not a girl!” Mason piped up. “I'm a boy!”

Mr. Moody took a step back. His jaw dropped.

“You tell them, Mason!” His twin nodded approvingly. “Make them accept you for who you are. You've got nothing to be ashamed of.”

“Oh my.... you.... you let him wear... a girl's costume?” Mr. Moody asked Maude incredulously.

“Who says it's a girl's costume?” Madison shot back. She was not afraid to look Mr. Moody in the eye. “Who says that girls can only wear this while boys can only wear that? It's stupid. My twin brother isn't doing anything wrong, so don't you dare tell him what he can wear, Mr!”

I'm so proud of my grandbabies, thought Maude.

Mr. Moody shook his head. “Child,” he said, “the bible tells us--”

“The Bible tells us no such thing!” Maude shot back.

“Miss Marple,” Mr. Moody said, switching tracks. “Do you think you're going to heaven when you die?”

Maude blinked. “Well, yes.”

“Have you ever told a lie?”

“No,” said Maude. “I am always quite truthful.” Then, deciding she may as well try and make Mr. Moody's head explode, she went on. “In fact, everyone always tells me I'm too blunt. 'why yes Emily, that dress does make you look fat.' 'Your cookies taste like bricks Mrs. Jones, why, we gave one to the hamster and he used it to break the bars of his cage.' I'm just terrible at telling lies, Mr. Moody, even little ones people tell to spare their feelings.”

Mr. Moody's face froze. He didn't seem to know what to say. Maude took advantage of his silence to lead the twins off the porch. “Have a nice night, Mr. Moody!”

When they had reached the safety of the street, Mason spoke up. “That man isn't happy with himself.”

“What makes you say that honey?” Asked Maude.

“He doesn't think you're a good person. In school, we learned that means he doesn't think he's a good person either.”

“I guess the bible was right when it said wisdom comes from the mouth of babes.” Maude said out loud. “Come on children, let's go to the next house. We'll definitely get something there. Oh, and give me those tracts Mr. Moody gave you. We'll use these to light tonight's Halloween bonfire.”

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    • mysweetetc

      Posted (edited)

      Surprised that it was these two who won the game of Twin Roulette between the G2 Dugglings. As a twin mom myself, I was under the impression that fraternal twinning is passed down through the mom, due to it being a case of hyper-ovulation. And I'm guessing it's fraternal twins because they did a double gender reveal--if they were identical, they'd know the kiddos were boy/boy or girl/girl.

      ETA: What will this be, 4 under 4 for them? Yikes on bikes.

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      I fat-fingered the "enter" button.
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    • JermajestyDuggar


      Laura and Katie are checking people in at Fort Rock this week. Jed is there too of course:



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    • JermajestyDuggar


    • Ozlsn


      6 hours ago, Bluebirdbluebell said:

      There are some versions of the bible that clean up the story of Jacob and Joseph, so that the reader is missing something. Joseph wasn't the arbitrary favorite. He was one of the only biological children of Jacob and Rachel. His brothers who plotted against him were all half brothers. Jacob wanted to marry Rachel, but was tricked into marrying her older sister Leah. The Lord made Leah very fertile to make up for it. Rachel was almost barren until Joseph. (In the meantime, Rachel and Leah both sent their maid servants to have children by Jacob.) Jacob and Rachel were eventually able to have 2 biological children: Joseph and later, Benjamin. Benjamin was too young and not apart of selling Joseph into Egypt. Some versions clean up the story to just say that Rachel and Leah are the bio-moms of all the kids and Joseph just happens to be the favorite, but this is incorrect. 

      Jacob's father-in-law arguably started the problem when he tricked Jacob into marrying the wrong sister. 

      They really don't do Biblical marriage like they used to.

      I think the best part of Gary's retelling is struggling to remember any of the names or relationships, that's what people look for in a preacher. Although I can see all the women in the story going through all the kids names until they hit the right one!

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