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Cat & Dog Pals



@Curious posting comments again and looking back over the pages, I got inspired to finish this page I left half done so long ago. So here it is!  It's from Pampered Pets and I'm working on another one from that book now. Am going to try to get back into coloring more and posting more often and I look forward to seeing everyone else's pages too.    :my_smile:

I've cropped this pic from the original and also edited it for saturation, hue, , exposure, and sharpness to get it to match the original page's colors as closely as possible. Took the photo in bright natural light outside.


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I'm so glad you finished and posted this, @Tikobaby!  And I'd say it is worth the wait!  I believe I spy your signature Orchid (?) which is gorgeous with the darker purple. The dog and cat appear extremely pampered indeed, what with their colouful finery and overflowing treat goblet. OMG, though, the baby turtle with its mama is so cute!  

Another fantastic page with absolutely stunning colours and execution. You never fail to impress!! 

I hope to resume colouring and start blog hogging again as soon as I get home. Curious' posts rekindled my enthusiasm, too!  I hope to see all of the minions back on the blog with some more amazing pictures soon.

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Posted (edited)

Thanks so much for your thoughtful and encouraging post, @Fascinated!  Am really glad you like the page. I'm looking forward to seeing you "bloghog" as soon as you get home to your coloring supplies!   :marker:

Forgot to say that the turtles and the ball of yarn are my favorite things!


Edited by Tikobaby
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This is adorable. I'm not sure I can pick a favorite with this one.  I love the turtles, but the ball of yarn (which makes me want to find some varigated yarn and make something) and the wall paper are also perfect.

I'm glad you are getting back into the coloring swing @Tikobaby :)

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    • thoughtful


      10 hours ago, Xan said:

      This is one of those times when Gary asks, "Am ah makin' sense this morning'? Amen?"--  I would have answered "No".

      You and me both, sister! That is literally sound-for-sound (I really can't call it word-for-word) what came out of his mouth. I wasn't planning to type so much of it out. But I started with what he was saying right after the reading, because it was so bizarre, and the weirdness never stopped, so I just kept on going.

      Among other Garyisms, why read starting in verse 41, then go on and on about things that happened earlier in the story? Why not plan to read from the earlier stuff? Several parts of the story of Joseph fit his "life got turned upside-down" theme.

      Gary is such a mental mess.

    • libgirl2


      20 minutes ago, llucie said:

      Their oldest Truett was born may 2022 wich means they will have 4 under 3 for a little while.

      No thank you! 

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    • Kolache


      Called it! IMG_8818.thumb.jpeg.ab77c5ef18f1b995da392b8768ff7f03.jpeg

      This doesn’t make any sense. What kind of landlord rents an apartment that hasn’t passed an electrical inspection? I’m so baffled.

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    • JermajestyDuggar


      14 minutes ago, llucie said:

      I always read that the genetics for twins are connected to the mother and not the father, but what a huge coincidence then that Jed who is a twin is also having twins.

      Yes, Jed one the twin grand Duggar contest. He will now be JB’s favorite. Since they are both girls, they might be identical. Which is just spontaneous. Unlike fraternal. Which is highly genetic due to ovulating more than one each month being genetic. 

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    • xenobia

      Posted (edited)

      6 minutes ago, harkasquirrel said:

      Depending on when the babies are coming in 2025 she’s most likely at the tail end of the first trimester or a few weeks into the second. I’m guessing they did one of those sneak peak blood tests to find out the genders.

      According to the video, they found out at an ultrasound. The technician turned off the screen at some point, and just wrote the gender of twin A and B in envelopes. They gave them to James, who arranged the gender reveal.

      Edited by xenobia

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