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Meet Mela's Fur-Babies! Rerun.



I decided to start a blog to share pictures of my furry babies, past and present. 

First, the newest member of the family - Rerun! For those who are curious, he got his name from Peanuts. Linus and Lucy's little brother was called Rerun. My dad adopted him this week after putting Milo, our 20 year old cat, down two weeks ago. I can't wait to go home and meet him. My dad reports he's playful and wild and loves milk and cheese. He's just about six months old. 



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I thought his name would've come from the old 70's show, What's Happening. But Peanuts works, too.  ;)

He's very handsome, too. 

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I'm so sorry to be so late in reading about Milo. My thoughts are with you, Dad and all who loved sweet Milo. That being said, welcome to the family, Rerun!

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    • I know people hate the speculating, but Joyanna looks like she is expecting #4 in the photo. Could be just the overalls style she is wearing.


    • RebeccaRay


    • RebeccaRay


      48 minutes ago, xenobia said:

      They didn't specify a due date, but ended the video with this message. She must be due very early 2025. They did two ultrasounds - one three weeks or more before the gender reveal where they found out that they were expecting twins, and one close to the gender reveal where they found out that it was two girls. I don't have kids and don't know how early you can see if it's a boy/girl, but I assume she must be at least 10-12 weeks.



      I zoomed in on their Instagram post. Ultrasound said 13 weeks and 1 day taken July 15th 2024. Babies have a due date of jan 20 2025

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    • A news article just popped up on my feed about these people and the first thing I thought was "I wonder if FJ has talked about these crazy parents?" 😄

      In today's article there's info about how they plan to educate their children by "unschooling" them. They have started a school called the Collins Institute for the Gifted for middle school through post-graduate age students. You can visit their fancy website, if you desire to waste an hour. 

      These are clearly people who think they know everything and the rest of us are bumbling idiots. 

    • MargieB


      It makes no sense at all.  If anything, it shows again how Artemis did not thoroughly research the costs and they should have saved a little of the thousands of dollars they raised for any costs they had not anticipated at their new kocation.  They are idiots.

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