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Orneriness and my Middle Aged Brain



I was reading @HerNameIsBuffy's latest blog entry about the process of leaving a job and showing your soon-to-be former coworkers how to get along okay once you're gone. This brought back a memory of when I was in Buffy's shoes.

My husband had finished graduate school and had a job lined up, so we had to pack up everything we owned and move halfway across the country. I kept my employer informed during this entire process, so that she knew exactly how much longer I would be with her. She decided that instead of replacing me, that she would redistribute my work to the remaining employees. I felt bad about this, but it wasn't my decision.

As the time got closer to my departure, I worked each day at teaching my duties to my coworkers. Most of them were fine, understood the situation, and were glad that I was still around to answer any questions while they got up to speed. All of the people I worked with were older than me. When I say older than me, I mean 20-40 years older than me. I learned a lot from that experience, but it's weird being put in a place where you are "the voice" for your entire generation. :pb_lol: 

Anyway, one of the women was upset that our employer had chosen to not hire a replacement for me, and took it out on me. Whenever I would try to show her how to do my duties, she would try to put me off if at all possible. I kept trying to teach her the best I could, but it's hard to teach something when your student has no interest in learning. One day, her frustration boiled over, and she told me that she felt that once you reach a certain age, you shouldn't have to learn anything new. I remember staring at her and thinking that an attitude like that would not keep your mind healthy as you age, and to remember not to become like her as I grew older.

Now that I'm middle aged, things dont come as easily for me as they did when I was in my twenties.  I understand some of my former coworker's frustration, but I have chosen to keep trying instead of admitting defeat. I have days where I end up cussing and crying because I do have to work harder to obtain and retain new information, but I'm too ornery to just give up and stick with what I already know. I've read that reading, doing puzzles, and trying new things are good ways to keep our minds sharp as time marches on.

So, when I'm cussing because the baseboard snapped while removing it from the wall, or wanting to to throw my sewing machine across the room because the tension is screwed up again, or slamming drawers in the kitchen because my new recipe failed, I'm helping my brain by making it work to find a solution. :pb_razz:

Just don't say that to me at that moment or I'll smack you. :pb_lol:



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    • Ozlsn


      Ok, I am not going to say I haven't read the left leaning conspiracy theories about this shooting, even if I'm trying to hold off until we have more verified information.

      But I don't get where this "Biden sent the shooter" idiocy is coming from because seriously here? He has an actual job, with stuff to do etc. Now if you wanted me to believe Steve Bannon sent the shooter I would be more receptive, mostly because it's the kind of out there theory I can get behind.

    • Ozlsn


      3 hours ago, Bassett Lady said:

      I don’t mind that they want to see people they love, but why the prevarication

      Doesn't fit in with the "we need a safe and stable home across the country " grifting theme. I don't think people would have donated as much if they knew there was a planned holiday in the middle, and I am wondering how many donors are now side-eyeing the hell out of them. Because that wasn't a small omission there, it was strongly implied that both flights were sequential and necessary to get to where they are planning to live.

      I swear if it turns out they've moved two suburbs away in Seattle... I will probably laugh. I doubt this is the case - why fly the cats? - but part of me is expecting to find out they've moved to Salem, Oregon, or Sacramento.

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    • noseybutt


      It is possible for spouses and children of defendants in federal CSA/child porn cases to request (and receive) mental health services through the Federal Defender Victim/Witness programs. But the key detail is that it has to be requested and typically that happens in situations where the spouse is trying to separate/divorce from the offender.

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    • HumbleJillyMuffin


      8 minutes ago, Bassett Lady said:

      “The discrimination was awful, and TSA held us up for over an hour and made us late for our first flight.”

      My husband flies with his mobility assistance gear all the time for work, including into and out of Seattle. He says their claim sounds like absolute rubbish. Every interaction he has had with the Seattle airport has been professional, swift,  and courteous. 

      Over the years he has used a  cane, walker, manual wheelchair and power chair. At every turn the Seattle airport has been kind and competent, 

      Well we all know how entitled Artemis is, no surprise they figured they could run late and the TSA line would part for them like the Red Sea in the Ten Commandments because they have mobility devices and cats. The "awful discrimination" was probably other people who told them to wait in line and the TSA staff probably reiterated that using mobility devices does not give them the right to expect special treatment. 

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    • Coconut Flan


      Counseling would come from a different court than the criminal court Josh was in.  It would only be ordered due to a CPS investigation.  

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