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The otters asked me to post an update...it's was just a momentary slump and they've renewed their love...


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    • Cartmann99

      Cartmann99  »  Howl

      Thought about our previous discussions about Sissy and her grandson Blake when I saw this:
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    • PreciousPantsofDoom


      You know what is really not fun? Stopping at Canadian Tire on my way home from a pretty stupid day at work because I need to pick up something to dry out the inside of my trunk after water got inside it (long story) and managing to lock my keys in the car. Now I get to wait for BCAA to come unlock it for me and my back is  aching. Nowhere to sit because it keeps raining off and on. Don't want to go back in the store because Covid. And once I get home I get to hear the full story about why the guy couldn't make it to our house today to fix the sump pump that seems to be broken. Which is obviously not what you want if you've seen the rain forecast. I should have stayed in bed today. 😕
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    • Jasmar


      Homeschooling moms I used to hang out with whining about Teh Poor Peeplz Losing Their Jobz bc VAX!!! 
      Fuck off.

      How was I ever part of it all?
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    • Chocolate Lover

      Chocolate Lover

      Yes, it's oral thrush!  Treating it with miconazole gel 4 times a day.  Whoever decided to flavour it chocolate orange is a flipping genius!
      Also needing 1 litre of electrolyte solution per day because my steroid load is killing my levels.  Tomorrow's the last day of prednisolone, thank goodness.  Fingers crossed it's done the job, because I'm still having the occasional wobble with breathing. 
      I see the practice nurse on Monday. 
      · 1 reply
    • Destiny


      The fact that RTD is coming back to Doctor Who has made my day. Hell, it made my whole fucking week. I CAN'T WAIT TO LOVE MY SHOW AGAIN!
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