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Sock Monkeys Galore!



Finally finished this page from the Creative Haven book Textile Designs by Marjorie Sarnat, the same artist who did Pampered Pets and other favorite books. Copic Sketch colors:  Lipstick Red, Process Blue, Royal Blue, Chrome Orange, Yellowish Green, Lettuce Green.  W&N ProMarkers:  Red, Plum, Cerise, Orchid, Sky Blue, Arctic Blue, Marine, Turquoise, Prussian, Cardinal Red, Meadow Green, Lemon, Purple.  Prismacolors:  Emerald, Pale Vermillion, Orange, Goldenrod. Sienna Brown, Canary Yellow, Mulberry, Light Mulberry, Pink, Spanish Orange.  

I think that's all of them, but I didn't write them down as I used them...could have missed a couple.


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What a brilliant, fun and colourful page, made me smile. :pb_biggrin: :marker:

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Glad you like it, @caszandra!  It's the first page I've done from my new Textile Designs book.  Wanted to try something a little different after doing so many from Pampered Pets and I love sock monkeys so it was a win-win!  :my_smile:  

Am pondering which page to do next....:marker:

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I do not like monkeys unless they are SUPER cartoony and cute baby type.  I find sock monkeys kind of scary as well.  This page turned out great as usual though!

How do you like that book?  It's the only one of Marjorie Sarnat's  I do not have.   I wish I could find it in a brick and mortar store so I could flip through it.  I haven't found a flip through on youtube for it yet either.

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I like sock monkeys since I had one when I was a little girl and it was one of my favorite stuffed animals.  I don't care for other types of monkeys particularly.  I haven't looked at that book for awhile, but the sock monkey page was my favorite.    :my_shy:

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  • Posts

    • GreenBeans


      6 hours ago, Giraffe said:

      I find it strange having a name theme. I'm used to John and Jane happen to start with the same letter and since they stopped at two they technically had a "theme" but only because those were the names they liked. It wasn't some "we have to come up with a name we like that fits the theme." Maybe it's just me but I find it weird that so many second gen Kellers have an intentional theme. (Outside of bible names or something. Eta so I guess I'm used to "bible names" being a theme.  But starting with the same letter is weird to me)

      I think the whole idea of a “name theme” is kind of foreign to me. The biggest family I know personally have 3 kids. More than 3 is really uncommon here. Parents will usually gravitate towards somewhat similar types of names (in terms of social background connotations, modern vs. traditional, similar “vibe”), but I’ve never heard of anyone with a naming theme outside of FJ.

    • Giraffe


      1 hour ago, Mrs Ms said:

      Honestly, they could actually be working and still grifting for extra cash. We obviously can’t expect honesty or true transparency from them!

      I would almost be proud of them if they were pulling this off. 

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    • Mrs Ms


      We have such an obscure naming theme that I’m not sure if my partner even noticed I did it! The obvious one is that all of us have names that are technically biblical, but so common that people don’t automatically associate it. The other 2 things with my kids nobody has ever picked up on.

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    • Mrs Ms


      Honestly, they could actually be working and still grifting for extra cash. We obviously can’t expect honesty or true transparency from them!

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    • KWLand


      I’m never going to remember the Waller newest is Desiree and not Dorothy.  Dorothy just seems to go with the other names and Desiree seems like a stretch to make work.   Sometimes I wonder if fundies find a name first and then stretch the meaning to make it work for their purpose.   


      • Rufus Bless 1

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