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    • Satan'sFortress

      Posted (edited)

      Two weird words that come up in my house---veteran and tournament. I am originally from Massachusetts, my hubby and kids all born in Mid-Atlantic region.

      I say a two-syllable "vet-truhn" (as opposed to "vet-er-run')

      and "turn-a-mint' (as opposed to "torn-a-mint").

      When I listen to other people--tv etc, it seems about 50/50 on both words.

      Edited by Satan'sFortress
    • AmericanRose


      Time to check in on Abby!

      5 Sports Film Heroes A Conservative Girl Could CRUSH On 😍 || Add THESE movies to your list...
      Abby loves sports movies - she thinks they're usually really good family films, and she loves their message - it doesn't matter who wins or loses, what matters is fair play. This is apparently a "super conservative" concept - that not everyone is going to come out on top, but everyone is given an "equal opportunity" to succeed. Apparently the best part of masculinity is "fighting with honour".
      Abby disclaims that she doesn't mean liberals don't believe in hard work.


      1. 61*. Lol, Abby says Mickey Mantle wasn't living a very conservative lifestyle and it ended up making him very ill. What makes it conservative: Bill Merris (not sure if I'm getting that name right) struggles being away from his family, and he wants to make it about the team instead of himself, which is a conservative idea... wait, what? If the community is more important than an individuals needs, why do conservatives refuse to wear masks??? 
      2. Rocky. Per Abby, working your hardest doesn't mean you'll get rewarded, and that's a conservative message. So, is she aware of Trump's existence...?
      3. Miracle. Abby loves how there's a love for America in this film. 
      4. Cinderella Man. Am I weird in that I don't really consider sports to be "fighting", let alone something praise-worthy? I mean, they're not 'fighting' for anything except to win / get money.
      5. Rudy. Abby says it's a conservative message that you have to put in the effort, and you can't just wait for things to come around.

      Dear Ladies, It's GOOD To Act Like A LADY
      "And now that I'm a conservative influencer" - umm. I have never before seen an influencer call themselves an influencer. Pretty sure if you have to say that's what you are, you're not it. Also, what are you influencing people to do? Dress modestly? Buy knickknacks? Get married young? Pretty sure influencers are supposed to be influencing people to buy things.
      However many months since her ad blitz, Abby is finally going to tell us 5 things that make people classic, and how that ties in with conservatism.



      1. Embracing your femininity. Dressing well, keeping a manicured look, keeping your home looking nice, being a good hostess, taking an interest in the small details (whether that be in your home or office), and loving the ways that women are different from men. Apparently this will tell others that they can trust you, and can trust that you'll be on top of your stuff. She also says men and women have different interests, strengths and weaknesses... which I'm pretty sure actually applies to all individuals. Or is she saying she could have married some other guy and would have been just as happy with him, because all men are the same?
      2. Act Like a Lady. It's weird - I'm a liberal, and I rarely read Buzzfeed. What is with the conservative obsession with this website? But apparently they advocate for women to be slobs just hanging out on the couch watching Netflix and eating chocolate. Classic women shouldn't glorify those things. 
      3. Treat Your Body With Respect. This means dating with purpose, and not sleeping around. Per Abby, Classic women date with purpose because they know they want to get married and they want to start their lives. Part of being classic is knowing you have value. PSA: You can start your life without being married. Or perhaps I've finally attained spinster age, and it's too late for me, therefore it's okay that I start planning my life without a man??
      4. Have Your Priorities Straight. This means putting your faith and family before anything else. Apparently women are being told to put their career first - which is news to me. A Classic woman knows what's important. Abby says you should have a mission, whether that's being a SAHM or being out in the workforce - but you should know what's most important, which is being part of a family.
      5. You Can Stay Home or Work. Abby says she's a proponent of both - her mother had a FT job and her dad stayed home. But what makes them classic is that they put their families first. 

      Abby says if you think about these 5 things, they're inherently conservative concepts.

      1. Being conservative means "recognizing reality", that there are differences between men and women.
      2. Recognize that sex before marriage "really only has negative consequences".
      3. Recognize the importance of marriage - it serves an important social function of creating strong family units for children to grow up in. 
      4. Take responsibility for your actions. 


      I'm sure it shocks no one that she says men wearing dresses "IS TRASH", and she's not fond of "dirty" holiday movies. Skipping that video, though I feel the last really drives home that she is definitely not for trans rights.

      Get In Friends, We're Going HOLIDAY Shopping! || The Classic Girl's Gift Guide 2020

      I'm just curious about how a "classic" woman's holiday shopping is any different than mine.
      For women: lit vanity mirror, spa night kit, Classically Abby earrings she designed with Rachelyn, Kenzzi, set of pearls
      Unisex: Sleeping eye mask, Bose headphones, weekend bag, robe, board games (Taboo, Above and Below, Scythe (apparently Scythe is for guys), sleeping headphones, watches, blue light glasses, bluetooth speaker
      For Kids: Wizard of Oz book series

      Mm. Seems pretty similar to the lists popping up everywhere. Also: everything is linked in the video description... and everything except about 3 items direct you to Amazon. Doesn't seem very classic to not support local business!

    • Gobsmacked

      Posted (edited)

      1 hour ago, Whatthefundie said:

      Adding to the name prediction: I think they will name the baby Amada, meaning loved, and they will call her Maddie. 

      Now I’m thinking of a fleet of boats. Its spelt differently I know but sounds the same. 

      Edited by Gobsmacked
      • Haha 3
    • wendy-sparkles


      I looked up where Felicity is in popularity and it's in the 300s in the last couple of years. I think my official guess was in the top ten (whoops). It seems likely to me that they will pick a less popular name than Amelia (or my guess, Charlotte), but I have no idea if they are actually paying attention to those kinds of things, and also the kinds of names used in their circles might be different than what is overall popular (more faithy?). I just can't see Jinger and Jeremy (especially Jeremy) wanting his daughter to share her name with too many of us plebs though.

      I did think the Amelia seemed like good detective work, but also it seemed to me that the point of that board was to list the babies whose labour was induced ~because of that salad~ , and putting Amelia up pre-baby is a false endorsement (not that a salad can induce labour). Probably nobody in that cafe is taking it that seriously though.

    • Ozlsn


      9 hours ago, Zommom said:

      Seriously, can somebody please tell me what the hell this means? 


      "Hard is not a badge of honour". For a woman who never shuts up about how she is overcoming the hardness of it all she sure sounds like she thinks it is. 

      42 minutes ago, SuperNova said:

      Apparently, Abbie has twins because god didn't want her to miss out on a "super rad experience". The "sheer radness" of babies is impressive to her. This woman has a book contract.

      And then they grow into toddlers and she apparently pushes them away in favour of the next baby. Hey Abbie - here's an idea. Focus on the children you have, all of them. 

      • Upvote 2

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