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I Hate When This Happens




You're just trying to enjoy a lovely weekend summer day and this happens...


Just sayin....

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    • Karma


      What a very odd question for someone to ask@Not that josh's mom.  You didn’t choose to end the marriage, your spouse died. Why wouldn’t you wear your rings?

    • SweetLaurel


      My favorite jury duty story - I've been called 4 times- had to go for a week, every time.  Served on a couple trials but most of them either didn't get picked or they pled.  But one - they were quizzing people and asked if anyone knew the guy on trial or the victim or anyone else associated with the trial.  I said, yeah, I knew the prosecuter, he took my puppy class.  The other lawyer said, yeah, I took your puppy class too.  The judge said, yeah, I took your puppy class too. I said 'you all look different out of formal attire'.   And I still freaking got picked!   

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    • Not that josh's mom


      Some one asked if I intend to continue wearing my engagement and wedding ring since my husband died earlier this year. It never occurred to me that I wouldn't.  I wear my MiL'S  upgraded engagement ring between her original wedding ring and my mother's wedding band in my right hand. Do you wear your wedding ring after a death or not?

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    • Bad Wolf


      I was called 3 times before I became a citizen. I ended up finally going to the courthouse armed with passport and green card. Mr. Wolf was called for the first time at 72. He was quite excited, but the case was dismissed, or pled out or something. Anyway, he has never served.

    • AmazonGrace


      Well I find it a little weird to be so concerned for the safety of vaccines and the efficacy of various medicines to treat COVID if you're planning to get raptured today.



      You don't usually get the Peace prize for medical inventions but whatever.

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