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Pampered Pets with Shoes & Slippers



Had a kiddo free day so finished my page I started the other day. Happy with all of it but my favourite bit is the big blue shoe and this time I remembered to take a note of the colours I used. Winsor & Newton ProMarkers, royal blue, cyan, sky blue, artic blue, cool aqua, emerald, mint green, soft lime, lemon, cocoa, cinnamon, henna, burnt orange, lipstick red, berry red, ruby, magenta, cerise, mulberry, orchid, amethyst, cool grey 2 and cool grey 4. Winsor & Newton BrushMarkers, wild orchid, pink pearl and cloud blue.

Pampered Pets Love shoes and Slippers.JPG

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Looks great, @caszandra!  Your W&N colors are popping and my favorite is the big blue shoe as well and I love the grey cat!  :my_shy:

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Thanks @Tikobaby, I think you would like the W&N BrushMarker Wild Orchid colour, it compliments the Pro Orchid colour. I used it quite a lot in this picture but the bit you can see it most on is the big flower with the small blue shoe on it.

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It's a great color!  Am going to look into the Brushmarkers. I do like brush tips a lot. Hate the chisel tips. I like brush tips with the bullet tip best, like the Prismacolor Premiers.  :marker:

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I really enjoyed using the Brushmarkers, W&N only have 72 colours in the BM range and 8 of the colours you can't get in the PM range. Will defo be getting more of them when I can and I have the prismacolor markers on my amazon wish list for when I can get them.  :marker:

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I really like the way the flowers turned out on this one and I love the blue background.  This whole book has such fun pages in it.

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    • mysweetetc

      Posted (edited)

      Surprised that it was these two who won the game of Twin Roulette between the G2 Dugglings. As a twin mom myself, I was under the impression that fraternal twinning is passed down through the mom, due to it being a case of hyper-ovulation. And I'm guessing it's fraternal twins because they did a double gender reveal--if they were identical, they'd know the kiddos were boy/boy or girl/girl.

      ETA: What will this be, 4 under 4 for them? Yikes on bikes.

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      I fat-fingered the "enter" button.
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    • JermajestyDuggar


      Laura and Katie are checking people in at Fort Rock this week. Jed is there too of course:



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    • JermajestyDuggar


    • Ozlsn


      6 hours ago, Bluebirdbluebell said:

      There are some versions of the bible that clean up the story of Jacob and Joseph, so that the reader is missing something. Joseph wasn't the arbitrary favorite. He was one of the only biological children of Jacob and Rachel. His brothers who plotted against him were all half brothers. Jacob wanted to marry Rachel, but was tricked into marrying her older sister Leah. The Lord made Leah very fertile to make up for it. Rachel was almost barren until Joseph. (In the meantime, Rachel and Leah both sent their maid servants to have children by Jacob.) Jacob and Rachel were eventually able to have 2 biological children: Joseph and later, Benjamin. Benjamin was too young and not apart of selling Joseph into Egypt. Some versions clean up the story to just say that Rachel and Leah are the bio-moms of all the kids and Joseph just happens to be the favorite, but this is incorrect. 

      Jacob's father-in-law arguably started the problem when he tricked Jacob into marrying the wrong sister. 

      They really don't do Biblical marriage like they used to.

      I think the best part of Gary's retelling is struggling to remember any of the names or relationships, that's what people look for in a preacher. Although I can see all the women in the story going through all the kids names until they hit the right one!

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