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FJ Colorists Unite

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Random Christmas Coloring



Still working on my Christmas coloring book. Only have a few left, but my anniversary is coming up and I'm thinking about getting a real coloring book and a larger selection of colored pencils as my gift :) I've been really enjoying coloring and I feel like it helps when I get anxious, so thanks for giving me a place to share!

P.S. My toddler added his own touches on some ;)




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I love this blog and how supportive everyone is, I agree with you about how colouring helps when you feel anxious and down, I enjoy how relaxing it can be just to get lost in a picture and forget about my troubles for a while. Great job on your pictures, they all look great and I especially love the last one with the Christmas baubles. Love how your toddler helped!

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Go for it, @CharlieInCharge. Treat yourself to a new book and some pencils, or maybe even markers. We all need to spoil ourselves a bit from time to time. I also find colouring a good way to de-stress.

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      That first page looked like a lot of fun. Your toddler's touches added to the festivities!

         I was really dead set against markers too but really enjoy using them now.

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keep the markers out of the toddler's reach! :)


I haven't got anything colored lately but I've bought some supplies :D 

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Your little one has added the perfect finishing touches!  Personally, I get a bit depressed thinking about Christmas unless it's December 24th or 25th!  But, these are really fun and you've done a really nice job with all of them!

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Definitely fridge worthy with your toddler's additions ;)   I really like the one with the ornaments.  Very cheery for the almost holiday season again already.

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  • Posts

    • SassyPants


      1 hour ago, becky_m2001 said:

      Dear God, I can't handle the thought of them having that show for another NINE YEARS! #KillMeNow

      JoshGate was FIVE years...time keeps ticking. Josie is almost 11!

    • JermajestyDuggar


      I believe there was one picture of the single Maxwells visiting the the Bontragers. And then the single Maxwells went to family camp as well. But those were the only two clues about Chelsy and John. Which weren’t even great clues because they never showed Chelsy and John near each other. The Bowers and Bontragers posted group pictures of Josh, Cass, Lina, and Carson all together. But others were around. They were just small hints because the Bowers and Bontrager families seemed to hang out a lot at that time and we didn’t know their parents were fervently praying for them to get together. We heard zip about Mitchell and Bryn. We hadn’t even heard of Bryn until the engagement announcement. The Bontragers who were the quietest about relationships were Mitch and Allison. Those two seem to come out of nowhere.

    • wendy-sparkles


      I'm surprised it took them that long to have an outbreak. I can't believe they were just doing.... nothing at all to prevent it. I understand that going to church, especially how long this has been going on and likely will continue in the us etc. might be a necessary risk for your mental and spiritual health,  but just, nothing, really? no mask? you'd think even the most egotistical of pastors would be worried about how swathes of their congregation being sick or dying might effect the tithes 🙄

      • I Agree 1
    • HermioneSparrow


      4 hours ago, muggleborn said:

      She is so nasty and smug 

      I agree she is just so nasty and smug. Sierra at least comes off goofy and maybe kind.

      Say what you want about Sierra but she seems very warm and loving towards her children. Kristen doesn't have the same nature, she seems incredibly cold and tough.

    • Hane

      Posted (edited)

      I’m thinking of doing a chapter-by-chapter summary and commentary on Dougie’s smarmy brick of sludge, the way I did on Anna Duggar’s sister-in-law’s aunt’s deathless tome, “Serena’s Serenity.”

      Edited by Hane
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