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FJ Colorists Unite

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Random Christmas Coloring



Still working on my Christmas coloring book. Only have a few left, but my anniversary is coming up and I'm thinking about getting a real coloring book and a larger selection of colored pencils as my gift :) I've been really enjoying coloring and I feel like it helps when I get anxious, so thanks for giving me a place to share!

P.S. My toddler added his own touches on some ;)




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I love this blog and how supportive everyone is, I agree with you about how colouring helps when you feel anxious and down, I enjoy how relaxing it can be just to get lost in a picture and forget about my troubles for a while. Great job on your pictures, they all look great and I especially love the last one with the Christmas baubles. Love how your toddler helped!

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Go for it, @CharlieInCharge. Treat yourself to a new book and some pencils, or maybe even markers. We all need to spoil ourselves a bit from time to time. I also find colouring a good way to de-stress.

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      That first page looked like a lot of fun. Your toddler's touches added to the festivities!

         I was really dead set against markers too but really enjoy using them now.

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keep the markers out of the toddler's reach! :)


I haven't got anything colored lately but I've bought some supplies :D 

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Your little one has added the perfect finishing touches!  Personally, I get a bit depressed thinking about Christmas unless it's December 24th or 25th!  But, these are really fun and you've done a really nice job with all of them!

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Definitely fridge worthy with your toddler's additions ;)   I really like the one with the ornaments.  Very cheery for the almost holiday season again already.

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  • Posts

    • HereticHick


      1 hour ago, browngrl said:

      I for one welcome Alison's post on her "seasons" of singleness and marriage. I'm sure she will have all sorts of cogent commentary and helpful tips. Let me guess two: focus on Jesus while single, go on dates to keep it fresh when married. I was only single for about 30 or so years and only married for 20 so what do I know? I await with bated breath.

      You forgot  the importance of dressing like a  woman, you pants-wearing strumpet.

    • Howl

      Posted (edited)

      Love this. @Lucinda's post count is "You're All Going to Hell!"

      Also, @Lucinda, just reported your post to the FJ moderators, who I promise, are not shaking in their boots about legal threats. 

      Edited by Howl
      • Haha 2
    • Expectopatronus


      On 6/1/2020 at 11:57 PM, PumaLover said:

      I'm so sorry to kind of derail this topic as I haven't read the last few posts but I need some honest input and I know all of you are intelligent and articulate. I'm too afraid to post in the BLM forum because they don't know me over there and I always second guess what I write and am afraid of being judged or coming across wrong.

      My daughter is about to turn 16 and is outraged at everything that is happening. She's so angry that history is, for a better term, being whitewashed in their school. She is only just now learning about slavery and I told her about the Rodney King trials and riots in 1992, and she's so mad that they're not being taught that.

      From her past, she is aware of white privilege (which unfortunately I was not aware of until a few years ago after joining FJ, despite growing up in Mississippi). She wants to actually learn about the history of the US, not just read a chapter in a book and regurgitate a summary on paper. She is fired up and I told her that's a good thing. I told her if she's not angry, then that isn't OK. 

      Does anyone have any suggestions, resources, etc. that I can share with/teach her about? She wants to watch Roots (I guess there's a new version; I grew up with the LeVar Burton version, which had a profound effect on me). I want to be sure that we are culturally sensitive.

      Again, I'm so sorry to completely derail the Bro threads. They are just where I feel safest on FJ. The thought of Bro trying to be culturally sensitive and proactive is both amusing and deeply disturbing to me.

      The Mildred Taylor books (Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry series) don’t gloss over the ugliness or injustice that occurred in Mississippi and cover the 1930s up to the civil rights movement. 
      It’s a children’s book but I read my grade sixes Underground to Canada last year and they were really into the book. I know this book has been banned in a number of schools because the slave traders and overseers use the n word. We talked about hate language being used to other groups of people and justify maltreating them. This opened up discussions on other hate words and not one of my guys used the n word. 
      Earlier this year, I read Race Against Time which was about reopening several cases in Mississippi and Alabama where civil rights workers had been murdered.  
      Some of these might work.

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    • Lucinda

      Posted (edited)

      Lies being told- 

      lie: I believe in spankings As being okay -

      truth:30 years ago It was but not today’s time 

      Lie: Lucinda is a social worker

      truth: never been a social worker !! Or case manager!! Parent side yes 


      Lie: her Overcomers ministry is a shell and not a real ministry 

      Truth: I have all my documentation to prove this is a big fat lie!! and 105 clients to prove it 


      lie: Lucinda lost her contract due to wrong practices- reported by one of her contractors which she sued and lost 

      Truth; I did sue and won!!! and lost my contract later not because of the contractor (not true) but because a photo that cps claimed could be a potential Hippa but could not prove it 

      I was investigated 10 months and charged with nothing!!! And they could not take my contract!!! They were liars the woman I sued 

      So remove the slanderous comments please 


      Hephzibah house is closed - don’t care anymore !!! Move on with your miserable lives and stop being victims 




      Edited by Lucinda
      • Bless Your Heart 1
    • thoughtful


      We just had a full day without power, but I am back.

      Gary was live yesterday evening - afternoon - just noon time.

      We get a glimpse of the garden at the Hyles Hideaway, partly blocked by a porch post, before Gary turns the camera on himself:



      He complains again about the lack of Wednesday night church in the area.

      He's getting ready to go to Florida, to let his wife go to the ocean, and he hopes there aren't any riots where they're going.

      "I hate it that that black guy died, ah hate it, ah hate it, ah hate it. And the white cop needs to be punished, amen, amen, and amen."

      In Opp, Alabama, the pastor will be taking him to jail to preach. Gary jokes that he hopes they let him out again.

      A preacher in Arkansas "actually went down to where some of these people was, and said "Heyheyheyheyhey, heyhey." He asked if he could pray for them, and "the riot people, the crazy people, lit'rilly stopped while the preacher prayed."

      "Prayer is the only thing that's goin' to help."

      Democrats don't support "Isril."

      "America's goin' down the tube fastly."

      He goes on and on about how wonderful Trump is.

      He references "that ol' train thing," by which he means The Little Engine That Could.

      The spiritual dishrag is back, complete with scooping motions: "Git that uhuhuhuh spirit'l, Christian uhuhuh rag, 'n' put that uh uh spirit'l soap on it, 'n' git down in that vessel and clean it out, git all that junk out."



      I now want to write a ragtime piece for piano, and call it the Spiritual Christian Rag.

      Gary sings some of Just a Little Talk with Jesus. Gary, you are no Oak Ridge Boy.

      Somebody told him he should get a fifth wheel to go with his truck, but Gary's going to "wait on the Lord."

      Hint, hint.

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