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Wild, Wandering, Wondering

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I don't know what happened but suddenly my depression has disappeared. I'm looking forward to the future.  I have gone as far as starting an exercise program I found on YouTube. It's for people with mobility issues to get them moving forward. I've been able to do the first episode three times. Today I purchased some hand weights designed for walking but they will fit in my hands without exasperating my hand pain.  My t-shirt fit better this morning because I'm already tightening up in

wild little fox

wild little fox


None and done

I've dove into Lori Alexander's world of twisted commandments. The one about a woman's duty is to have children, no matter her circumstances. Also, there is the horrible way she criticizes her dd who is childless.  I, too have a controlling and critical mother. At least my mother tries to put her own wants and needs aside on occasion. It was a tussle for her when I announced at not yet 30 that I would NEVER marry nor have children. Now I'm 50, still childless and I do not ever regret my dec

wild little fox

wild little fox

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    • Maggie Mae

      Maggie Mae

      It's RAINING in mid December. This isn't normal. This is so far from OK. 
      · 3 replies
    • OyHiOh


      Does Christmas seem wildly over the top this year?
      No?  Just me?
      Fuck it.
      I'm Jewish.  We are a "Hanukkah is a minor holiday" family.  Don't go overboard with presents, etc.  This is not my first rodeo with public school December Dilema . . . but this year feels different somehow.
      · 6 replies
    • Sky with diamonds

      Sky with diamonds

      Has anyone lived in a basement suite before? I will be moving into one, and I'm nervous about it. 😞
      · 5 replies
    • quiversR4hunting


      Today is the first of 2 court dates for my divorce. Today should be a quick 5 minute stating what we we want done then wait for the final hearing in May. We are in agreement on everything, I just want it to all be be done and change my name.
      · 5 replies
    • GreyhoundFan


      Two actors who made an impact on my life passed away today. RIP Carroll Spinney, who portrayed Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch for over 45 years on "Sesame Street". And RIP to Rene Auberjonois, a wonderful actor who played many memorable roles, my favorite was Odo on "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine".
      I never got to meet Mr. Spinney, but had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Auberjonois several times, including on the Star Trek cruises for the last two years. I wondered why he wasn't scheduled for the 2020 cruise, it turned out he had metastatic lung cancer.
      · 2 replies
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