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Random things that I want to talk about. I like shopping online, working out, environmental issues, traveling, and current events. I'm also a cheechako, as I'm only 1/2 way through the 20 year requirement to lose that title, so I might talk about local issues and surprising facts about the northernmost state. 

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Something in the Air

Full disclosure: I am 100% Anti HOA. There are no  arguments that will ever change my mind on this. This may or may not be relevant in a few minutes.  Over the weekend, I noticed that my "Next Door" app was "blowing up" (by that, I mean, there were multiple reports and people were posting on it.)  We have a local person who started a couple of facebook groups and volunteer groups to help people find their missing dogs and cats. (We have a separate one for birds.) The dog/cat rescue people h

Maggie Mae

Maggie Mae in Local issues

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    • Cartmann99


      My weather program is having a really bad day:

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    • 47of74


      On my way up to the Twin Cities to take the bar exam. 
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    • formergothardite


      I spotted Kindle Vella on the Amazon website late last night  and I feel like this is a concept I don’t really understand. Why would I buy a book one chapter at a time? Is there a market for purchasing books this way? Is there more to this than I noticed? I also couldn’t get it to work on my Kindle app, but that is probably user error on my part. 
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    • 47of74


      FB friend who was my tour director went to Spain had this map up of the new tour they're doing in Spain now.
      I think you can all guess what caught my attention right away.
      And as I am an FJ denizen the gutter my mind went into almost immediately.
      And now actually I'm a bit curious about the place too.
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    • laPapessaGiovanna


      So proud of her! 
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