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Something in the Air

Maggie Mae



Full disclosure: I am 100% Anti HOA. There are no  arguments that will ever change my mind on this. This may or may not be relevant in a few minutes. 

Over the weekend, I noticed that my "Next Door" app was "blowing up" (by that, I mean, there were multiple reports and people were posting on it.)  We have a local person who started a couple of facebook groups and volunteer groups to help people find their missing dogs and cats. (We have a separate one for birds.) The dog/cat rescue people have been searching (and receiving tips) about a missing Aussie for a few weeks now. I've seen the signs.  

Someone on ND posted a plea for people to start taking down the signs. He said they were making the neighborhood "trashy" and then he called the pet owners "crazy" and that the dog must be dead. I voted to remove his post because it was mean and ridiculous and the pet group has permission to put up signs. They are still getting tips, and it's likely that the dog has been stolen, or is being cared for by someone who doesn't know it belongs to a family, or the dog is just in survival mode. There are enough people around here that leave out food when they see animals that it's not impossible for the dog to still be alive. 

Someone had screencapped the post and shared that with a plea to not take down the signs. You'd think that would be the end of it. Nope. Going on day four or five of this. Someone filmed two women taking down signs. The women didn't want to be filmed and one assaulted the photographer. People are arguing and getting passionate about their hatred for a couple of missing pet signs. Which then causes the normal people who have hearts and compassion and aren't just walking bags of disaster to tell them why they are being jerks. Now people are citing state laws and municipal code.  Supposedly there are news stories looking for the women who stole the signs. 

And there are still people whining about how "trashy"  and "bad" the signs make the neighborhood look. The signs come down eventually. They are laminated. These are probably the same people who want to live in HOAs and have their house look identical to their neighbors and choose between three different shades of white for their mailboxes, while taking away resources from the rest of the city, forcing more people to have to choose between ugly pre-planned neighborhoods controlled by over-zealous people who care what color your flowers are and will put a lien on your house for daring to use the front yard you paid for as a yard. 

Anyway, this last year has shown me a lot of the misplaced passion in my municipality. For years, it seemed like no one really cared about anything. But then Covid hit, and suddenly there are people being outspoken about the most bizarre things. Somehow wearing masks is an agenda by our progressive assembly to take away rights. Missing pet posters are a scourge and people just need to let their pets die, I guess. Anti-cat people posting about how much they hate cats when no one brought up cats in the first people.  Opening a homeless shelter in an unused building is hurting people who make $100,000 a year, somehow, I don't know. 

Have people always been this selfish and they just didn't talk about it? Is there some sort of collective unconscious that's making people just lose their minds at the most bizarre things? Are we all just stressed and acting out by focusing on weird things?  

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Yes, people have always been this selfish and get riled up over the most stupid things...before Covid many of us didn't notice as we had other stuff going on.

Far too many people completely suck.  I hope your neighbor's pup makes his way home soon.

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    • On 12/7/2021 at 8:25 AM, CRAnn said:

      Does anyone have an explanation for the short dresses that appeared with Joe?  Was that because he was younger than her, I wonder.  Or a “second chance” (as one of their videos is called) at love and romance type thing?  The shoes had always been there, right?  But the dresses … sometimes surely must have surprised or even shocked the RF members.  

      I am the same age as Gwen was in life and I think the whole “you’ve got to dress for your age thing” is carried a bit far… I once had a younger friend express surprise that I wore a fuchia colored t-shirt.  But I’m not a pastor and I didn’t create a church and claim prophet of God status either.  And I’ve not preached modesty to women younger than me.  

      Anyway, it was an obvious change that meant something. I think it was about Joe and their age difference and kind of had the opposite effect of what she intended.

      Here's my take as a former longterm member. For the past two decades, Gwen consistently pushed the envelope with fashion. She has always had her own style (for better or for worse), and there have been many "phases." There was a pirate phase around the Legend to the Treasure series where she wore big blousy-sleeved shirts and nautical captain coats. There was the Royalty phase when she wore the sashes (which coincided with the first season of the Netflix TV show "The Crown" which was watched pretty avidly  in RF circles as an example of the "pressure that comes with being chosen by God to lead," and I have a theory that the "Gloria" entrance music that was played a lot during the Remnant Royalty phase was cribbed directly from the Crown theme song with a Michael twist). There was the Matrix phase where she liked wearing leather and sunglasses.

      Now one thing that people have to understand is that RF prides itself for not being "bound by manmade rules." We all noticed of course when Gwen really upped the cleavage and miniskirts, but in the circles I was around it was considered daring and empowering. We had a pretty intense "not-like-other-churches" attitude so it seemed exciting and liberating that we had a pastor who wore so much makeup, nine inch heels, and showed off her décolletage. And of course, Gwen's miniskirts and tight-fitting formals were a longstanding tradition by the time of her marriage to Joe. Many members thought she was living a in a real-life bodice-ripper romance novel and vicariously lived for her sexy escapades with Joe.

      Of course, I do remember how back in the day women were heavily judged for modesty (of course with our own RF doublespeaking panache). Girls were constantly shamed and reprimanded for wearing shorts that hit above the knee, spaghetti straps were a big no, and boys and girls were eventually banned from swimming together. At the same time, we bragged about how liberated we were from the overall Evangelical culture of frumpiness.

      In the end though, thinness was the ultimate accessory. Thin women could pull off any outfit with praise from the "modesty police." Gwen's personal fashion was also extremely inspiring to other RF women and it was mostly met with praise at least in circles I was around.

    • WiseGirl


      Here is People magazine's daily update. The title tells what is in the article. 


      I know it's been said before but @duggerdata on Tumblr has been a good source if information/cutting through the crap/lessening my anxiety by writing about/explaining why the jury may be taking their time.

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    • EmCatlyn


      18 minutes ago, nelliebelle1197 said:

      It is not a matter of tainting. A calendar is not evidence and rules is rules. There are things they could create out of thin air with a calendar- inaccurate timelines, confusion about dates and correlation that creates an inaccurate picture, etc. A calendar can create an appeal of a conviction. 

      Also, the jury is escorted out for a lot of legit reasons. Example- a judge can rule on things that might not be relevant but a lawyer is trying to sneak in. If the jury was sent out because the victim had a drug bust 20 years ago that had no bearing on his character or the trial, the jury should not hear that. But it does not stop the lawyer from trying to sneak it in.

      In the days before smart phones everywhere, many people carried small calendar cards in their wallets.  I wonder if those would be allowed.

    • karenb4729


      21 minutes ago, detroitrockcity said:

      I seriously love this stuff have two bottles in my house for the weekend lol. 

      I love 19 crimes too but I go for the Cali Red with Snoop Dogg on the bottle.

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    • QuiverFullofBooks


      7 minutes ago, PennySycamore said:

      @HerNameIsBuffy, that clip from Designing Women reminds me that I need to re-watch the episode where Bernice wears her Christmas tree skirt.  

      “Oh thank goodness! I like to never got this thing on!” It’s the episode where Charlene has her baby. @anon710 it’s on Hulu.

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