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The Untravelling

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About this blog

Many things have happened in my life. Shit family members, shit relationships, and shit people and happenings in general. Some of the posts are going to be deeper, some just me being petty about a small thing, and some random memories (positive, negative and neutral) that have happened along the way. But there's also good things, and that's the note I'll end everything with.

Entries in this blog


The Untravelling of 2020, Entry 1

So. 2020 happened. I think we all know that. Travelling, especially international, has become nigh impossible. In the past 28 years, since I was born, I have been to many, many places both here in Finland and abroad. Looking forward to 2021 I don't much will change eihter. I've minimised international travel ever since I moved back to Finland six years ago both due to environmental and health reasons - it's extremely emotionally and physically taxing. I had planned that in 2020, I




A Little Less Salty - Can You Guess the Place?

So, a while ago I mentioned in my last entry, that my sister and I share a language we have made up ourselves. We were chatting again as usual, and I noticed that we sometimes write cities and countries as they should be in Finnish or English, and some we turn into our language. I'll list some of these down - have a guess and/or a laugh! 1. Kostawika 2. Tsäpön 3. Nuujook 4. Ooswewija 5. Montwiä 6. Washa 7. Nooskäwowiinä 8. Uwanbato 9. Assöbashan




Speaking a Made Up Language

For many years, me and my younger older sister (SaneSister, not NarcSister - see my previous blog post) have spoken a language that only we two know. Us two have a two year difference and we shared a room for about 9 years when we lived in the countryside. She go the top bunk, and I was toootally fine sleeping in the bottom one. Being that we didn't really have kids our age live nearby, a lot of the time we made up games just between us two. One of our favourite things to play was Fifi the Pekin




My Eldest Sister Doesn't Care About Me

I cannot remember a single time she's apologised in the past five years. Actually, I can't remember a single time in the past 10 or more years. Sure, I've had a couple of Sorry, IF I haves, but those mean nothing. In the end, those have always turned the blame to the person calling her out. NarcSister has also not comforted me or said words of encouragement in... yeah, at least the past ten years. It's always been discouragement. Te It's always been about reminding us others how we owe her thing



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      Turning 30 this week. What was your favorite thing about being in your 30's, FJ?
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