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Salty Memoirs of FinnLassie

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A Little Less Salty - Can You Guess the Place?



So, a while ago I mentioned in my last entry, that my sister and I share a language we have made up ourselves. We were chatting again as usual, and I noticed that we sometimes write cities and countries as they should be in Finnish or English, and some we turn into our language. I'll list some of these down - have a guess and/or a laugh!

1. Kostawika

2. Tsäpön

3. Nuujook

4. Ooswewija

5. Montwiä

6. Washa

7. Nooskäwowiinä

8. Uwanbato

9. Assöbashan

10. Bwyssewi

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How fun!  I have a guess for most of them but don't want to spoil it for others by posting them yet.

#s 8 and 10 have me stumped though.

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    • b16607bb581cfd5cffe0f3620280307c.jpg
      Abbie, if someone has a mortgage, they’re not debt free BY DEFINITION.

    • Glasgowghirl


      On 10/23/2020 at 2:40 PM, IsmeWeatherwax said:

      But June 18th is my birthday! I don't want to share it!

      Mine too

    • Bluebirdbluebell


      1 hour ago, WarriorJane said:

      Wow.   Not only is this some serious mom shaming, but also a dangerous message.   We should be encouraging young moms -- all moms -- to ask for help if they need it, not reinforcing the notion that there's something wrong with them if they feel stressed,  or that they are a failure and "less than" if they aren't smiling joyfully 100 percent of the time.   Joy has a two year old and an infant that she's up at night with.  That's exhausting no matter who you are.  It sounds like Gideon was acting up and she needed a hand.  Why shouldn't she go to her family?  So she doesn't appear "entitled " or "privileged"?  She doesn't owe you,  me or anyone else an explanation.   Maybe people should stop throwing those words around; they're beginning to lose their meaning.   I hate their lifestyle and their beliefs, and there are plenty of things  to be critical of, but this is not one.   

      But this is center to their beliefs. Birth control is evil, have as many kids as possible, having more kids makes you a better Christian, can't send the kids to school, etc. So they're all supposed to have full quivers.  And Joy is already struggling with two kids. She can't handle the kids she has, and it's only going to get harder as they add more children until Gideon and Evelyn can act as sibling parents. 

      If the adults at the TTH want to help, that would be okay. But who's actually looking after the kids? If it's her younger sisters, who are minors that have no choice and should be in school; that's pretty sad. It's also taught to these girls/women that they should help mothers even if they don't want to. 

      If other people want to help a new mom, then they can. But if they don't want to help, they shouldn't have to help the mothers. 

      (Also no one said they had to smile all the time.)

    • Hane


      24 minutes ago, Howl said:

      How many more chapters to go? Is that all one chapter with subheadings, or multiple chapters? It's OK to take a break. 

      So far, this is one chapter with subheadings. I’m 9% through, and there are 13 more chapters. *stretches, flexes muscles, takes deep breath*

    • JordynDarby5


      53 minutes ago, Cults-r-us said:

      And why wouldn't Joy feel entitled? How many times has she been the recipient of kids "dumped" on her to watch?

      Too bad she can't dump her kids on her parents' given how much they dumped their kids on their daughters. 

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