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The Untravelling

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The Untravelling of 2020, Entry 1

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2020 happened. I think we all know that. Travelling, especially international, has become nigh impossible. In the past 28 years, since I was born, I have been to many, many places both here in Finland and abroad. Looking forward to 2021 I don't much will change eihter.

I've minimised international travel ever since I moved back to Finland six years ago both due to environmental and health reasons - it's extremely emotionally and physically taxing.

I had planned that in 2020, I'd finally do some big travelling again, like visit Costa Rica together with my lovely sister for her 30th. She lives on a whole other continent, so we don't exactly get to see each other too much. Going there has been our plan for nearly a decade now.

Another big trip would have been a two night mini holiday in Tallinn, Estonia. I've been there many times, but my boyfriend has NEVER been abroad. He was raised by parents that had the mantra "when you go abroad, you'll either get mugged, raped or killed." My boyfriend has grown to learn that all of that is BIG bullshit, but he can't shake the nervous feeling away. So, we decided to start slow. Then, COVID-19 started to spread. So we had to postpone. Borders got closed. Postpone. Postpone. Postpone. Until we finally cancelled.

Lastly, I was supposed to go home this Christmas. Glasgow to me is home. I was just about to announce it to my friends in March, but everything blew up. I'm going to spend Christmas alone. When I was supposed to spend it with a friend's family, and party all night long in New Years, as my friend's birthday is on the 1st of January. I miss everyone so much, and I feel like I've been betrayed by God, in a sense.

In the upcoming posts I'll be reminiscing my past adventures, both heartwarming memories and things that really weren't the greatest things. There's a lot to unpack (ba-dum tsh!), so buckle up. As a warning, there will be a lot of talking about throwing up and other possibly upsetting themes, but I will add a trigger warning to all posts where applicaple.



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  • Posts

    • Black Aliss


      The thing is, even if Biden is an evil papist and Harris is the wrong kind of Baptist and unequally yoked to a Christ killer (Gary won't, for obvious reasons, suggest she is committing adultery because Emhoff is divorced), Gary cannot reasonably deny that either of them is anti-religion, gonna' take your bibles away, gonna' shut down all the churches. 

      It reminds me of the xtian-conservatives in the early 60's who were convinced that JFK had bought up bowling balls and log chains to make rosaries for the 4 presidents on Mount Rushmore. Ooh, maybe that theory is ready for a comeback. Just wait until the RodPod shows up at their favorite bowling alley and There Are. No. Bowling. Balls.

      2 hours ago, thoughtful said:

      And, of course, six years ago she married a Jewish man. So, in Gary's worldview in which women follow their husbands, does that mean he imagines her making chicken soup, pinching pennies, and denying Jesus?

      She didn't change her name so do we know that she really is married? Demand to see that marriage license, Gary! 

      And, if Becky can learn to make weens in gravy, surely Kamala can whip up a mean matzoh ball soup. According to her step kids, Harris basically taught their father how to cook.

    • AmericanRose


      A few days after telling her audience that feminists want them to feel guilty for staying home (cue a comment section full of feminists saying otherwise), Abby comes back with...

      10 Books I WANT To Read In 2021 || Conservative books included!


      1. Judaism Straight Up, Moshe Koppel
      2. Basic Economics, Thomas Sowell
      3. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Robert M. Pirsig
      4. Freud: The Making of an Illusion, Frederick Crews
      5. "Anna Karenina" in our time, Gary Saul Morson
      6. A Historical Tour of Disney World, Andrew Kiste
      7. War and Peace, Leo Tolstoy - Abby says she and her husband are Russian literature people, and recommends a particular translator.
      8. The Splendid and the Vile, Erik Larson
      9. The President, the Pope, and the Prime Minister, John O'Sullivan
      10. The Torah

      I love to read, so this was of interest to me.

      Jeremy Vuolo is now wondering if, instead of saying he loves all things classical, he should claim something more specific. Look for JinJer's Insta bio's to now claim they love all things Russian 🎶

    • DarkAnts


      I am making cherry vinegar. I can't drink alcohol anymore but had a batch of cherry wine brewing. So, it's now going to be become cherry vinegar. I am so excited to taste it when it's done. I might do cider next year when apples are in season.

    • Italiangirl


      I feel even another Bates girl (maybe Tori with Kolter?) had an exclusive with Romper, I will have to check but I'm way to lazy right now to do it 🤭

    • PurpleCats


      Olivia posted yesterday-ish on her stories that she isn’t doing weddings the summer of 2022 because they “have something special planned” and I’m terrified that they’re going to have a baby.  From what we see on tv, they need to spend some more time maturing and getting past the trauma from the way they were raised.  

      I am skeptical that their relationship will last long term, but I hope they are in a much better place relationship wise before adding a baby. Babies (especially newborns) bring a ton of stress in to even the best relationship.  I want the best for them, and I actually think they will be loving parents, but I hope their relationship is truly ready for the stresses of a child.

      • I Agree 1

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