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The Fundees - Sims Style

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About this blog

What would happen if we transported our favourite fundies back to before they got married and had a bunch of kids and then stuck them in a house together?

Introducing... Steve (Maxwell) and Steven (Pisser) Jill and David. Will he become her husband in this universe?! We will have to wait and see!


Jill - Over emotional, dramatic, mooch, diva, natural born performer. Likes pink, western music and key lime pie [I would have chosen ice cream, but that is not an option]

David - Slob, couch potato, heavy sleeper, angler, mooch. Likes orange, Latin music and peanut butter with banana sandwiches.

Steve - Workaholic, no sense of humor, technophobe, perfectionist, neat. Likes white, classical music and salad.

Steven -  Adventurous, hot headed, athletic, charismatic, mean spirited. Likes blue, cheesesteak and songwriter stuff [I couldn't think of anything else that wasn't too secular or "satanic"]

Entries in this blog


Part 2

Despite keeping Jill away from David as much as possible when Steve and Steve 2 were at work, she still liked-liked him more. Steve was too boring and the other Steve was too angry for her tastes. David and Mrs David - not Ms. thank you very much! - got married in a Godly church, and are currently waiting for God to bring them their first child. In the meantime, David is spending his days fishing in Gods green gloryness, and Mrs David is spending her time singing Godly tunes to praise Him.




Day 1

Since it was the weekend (not that he worked anyways, so every day is the weekend) David decided to go fishing. He caught a minnow, which he was extremely proud of. Steven took his day off from his fireMAN job to work out. Jill went to the library to read a secular book. It it about having babies, so it is acceptable. She sees a man - potenital baby making helper - come in, but his skin is too dark. She also notices a slutty woman walk past her.   Steve



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    • Jinder Roles

      Jinder Roles

      Now is the time to be donating to bail funds, orgs that help black trans-women, signing petitions, correcting your friends on their racism etc. 
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    • FeministShrew


      Two people I knew died from Covid-19 complications in the last two weeks. One was a 27 year old man with cerebral palsy, who was the son of my sister's fundamentalist pastor.  The other was a 44 year old woman I used to go to church. She had Type 2 diabetes. Both were in ICU on ventilators and in medically induced comas for at least a week. The young man was home and seemed to be recovering, but then developed pneumonia and died. 
      The woman developed pneumonia, and her liver, kidneys, and heart were all damaged and failed. She died a month and one day after first being admitted to the hospital. Members of both families were posting that the virus was a hoax up until their loved one got sick, and are now making posts begging everyone to take it seriously.
      People around here are suddenly acting like business as usual. Two small local towns had craft/vendor markets in their parks today, and the membership-only neighborhood pool in an area near us is packed right now. I see very few masks, even on elderly people.
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    • GreyhoundFan


      My pup is just about as persistent as these cuties!
      · 2 replies
    • 47of74


      The way 2020 is going wouldn't be surprised if this popped up next....

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    • 47of74


      Da fuq?

      · 3 replies
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