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The Fundees - Sims Style

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Part 2

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Despite keeping Jill away from David as much as possible when Steve and Steve 2 were at work, she still liked-liked him more. Steve was too boring and the other Steve was too angry for her tastes.

David and Mrs David - not Ms. thank you very much! - got married in a Godly church, and are currently waiting for God to bring them their first child. In the meantime, David is spending his days fishing in Gods green gloryness, and Mrs David is spending her time singing Godly tunes to praise Him. She hopes that God will provide a guitar and piano, though she wonders how a piano will fit in the RV since there is barely enough room for the crib. Darn Sims baby is required to sleep in a crib even though their bedroom with attached private bathroom has more than enough room for a cage.

(I'm not sure if I'm going to continue this. I was playing it with the hopes she would end up with someone else, so the gameplay would be more interesting and less... real.)

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  • Posts

    • Howl


      28 minutes ago, VVV said:

      I would bet money that Ms. Hock wasn't reporting any of that income to the IRS. Hopefully they go after her too.

      My thoughts as well.  Murder charges could be the tip of the iceberg for her legal woes. 

    • OyToTheVey


      I'm so amused kefir has become a hipster/trendy thing. I'm Russian. You won't find an Eastern European refrigerator without a bottle. We all grew up on it. It's considered very good for you. It has a ton of probiotics. Kefir became a trend a few years ago with the whole avocado toast thing and we all laughed. I will say tho because of the tart flavor( of the original) not every Russian is a fan. I usually like the original or the blueberry or pomegranate flavors. Peach isn't that bad either. 

    • HereticHick

      Posted (edited)

      Way back in october 2016 [that was like 2 babies ago], Mark got ordained as some sort of "minister" at their Church.  [actually, his private Instagram profile is labelled "Youth Minister" /www.instagram.com/markansas1/ ]So I really don't know if it is cool for him to skip Sunday services. Perhaps he goes and leaves Sierra to cry over the biscuits.



      Edited by HereticHick
    • Gobsmacked


      1 hour ago, formergothardite said:

      I can see pastor Rogers quickly tiring of John like most do or demand some form of accountability. This change might put a kink in John's plans.

      Please Deer Rufus, let it be so.  Ham Mercury on the Zambians. ( used it now. Haha. Won't do again).

    • wallysmommy


      If people are able to dig up evil on you, that means there's something evil to be dug up.  I can't go to my garden and dig up carrots if there were never any carrots planted.  Gee, could it be hitting your husband and kids?  Could it be poking holes in your diaphragm to get pregnant?  Could it be your far-fetched stories about being a happy housewife when you had a nanny and housekeeper?  Could it be that you passively support racists?  The list goes on and on.  You just don't like people telling the truth that you've conveniently tried to erase.  

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