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Bullying HURTS

The years of bullying took their toll. All these years later I can stil hear the words, I can still feel the blows. What was so wrong with me that I was singled out for that? The words spoken over that young girl all those years ago broke her. Abused in the same way at home, her spirit was killed and left her a hollow shell unable to feel anything besides anger, rage and fear. Where others found passion, she found pain. She carried a knife for protection but wanted to use it on herself. All thes



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    • Kiki03910


      Fabulous photo:
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    • BlackberryGirl


      On a big vacation with BBB and the grands. Having a blast. Mall of America is insanely huge. We explored ONE floor and went to the aquarium.. back tomorrow. Little grandberry is teaching himself to swim and getting over one fear after another! 
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    • Kiki03910


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    • Jinder Roles

      Jinder Roles

      Just checking in to say my loved ones and I are fine. The storm turned south at the last minute but some places further south were not as fortunate.
      Thanks for all the well wishes guys
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    • Kiki03910


      Type 3B hair ... I just had my BF chop it to chin length, shortest I've ever gone. I'm hoping it just explodes to an Irish afro. It took me decades to learn how to embrace it.
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