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The Conundrums of Conundrum

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Realizing I Can't Call My Mom Anymore

Last week my daughter's school called to let my husband and me know Twin B was going to be tapped in to National Honor Society. This is a goal B has worked towards for years. She was nominated last year and was devastated when she didn't get in but she took that disappoint and she was determined to make it in this year; and she did it! My mom was still alive when Twin A was selected for National English Honor Society a few months ago and we are all proud of both of them; however, NHS has a




My mom still with us?

Last week I had a dream of my mom. I couldn't see her but I was speaking with her; sort of like a phone call and she was away on vacation but not dead; just away on vacation or something. She asked me why I decided to give my grandmother's jewelry to Aunt L and I responded that it wasn't right that she kept it all. She didn't sound angry; she was simply asking. I also remember asking her if God is real and she responded "yes."  My best friend had a dream of my mom the next night where twin




My Mother's Death - Trying to Cope

My mom passed away last week from heart failure, September 26th. I was fortunate enough to be by her side when she took her last breath and was able to tell her I love her. She made the decision the day before to remove support because the medication  was only prolonging her suffering; she was not going to recover.  I love my mom dearly and she's was my best friend. Please keep in mind as you read the rest of this that I forgave my mom a long time ago for my abusive childhood and she apolog



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