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    • Mela99


      I'm stress eating peanut butter cookies
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    • Maggie Mae

      Maggie Mae

      Is he guilty yet? 
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    • sarahbee


      Imagine how much this defense is costing......The median initial retainer fee for an expert witness is $2000. The median hourly fee for file review/preparation for all non-medical expert witnesses is $245. ... The median testimony hourly fee for medical expert witnesses is $500/hour. The median testimony hourly fee for non-medical expert witnesses is $275/hour.
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    • 47of74


      No dating for the Bat.
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    • Jinder Roles

      Jinder Roles

      ADHD is such a double-edged sword because I need routine to function but I'm so bad at focus/regulation/executive behaviours that I cannot maintain a routine. 
      I hate this. And the meds make me feel crazy
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