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No speculation on victims of sexual assault/incest/molestation/rape

DO NOT speculate on the identity of any victims/survivors or incest/molestation/rape/sexual assault.

Unless a victim or survivor has put their identity into the public sphere as a victim of a sexual assault, do not speculate on whether they may be a victim.

Posts containing speculation of this type will be hidden or redacted, depending on the other content in the post.  If you see a post that contains this type of speculation, please report it.  We can read every post in every thread, so we do rely on community self-policing.

We respect the agency of victims of sexual assault and will not be part of thrusting them into the spotlight they may not want any part of.   There will be one zero point warning given for this offense.  Any repeat offenses will result in a trip to the Prayer Closet for an indefinite period of time.



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