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Why does my profile pic look stretched/weird/wrong?

Profile pictures should be 300 pixels high.  Width depends on your browser size so a picture will stretch to fill the space.  If you shrink your browser you can see how this works.

Curious uses a profile pic that is 2000px300px so that the entire image shows.  You can look at her profile to get an idea what this looks like.

Really you just need to play around with a picture until you find one that looks good to you or resize one that is big enough to cover your screen size when maximized.

·         When a cover photo is uploaded it may need to be respositioned so the desired part of the pic is centered in the window.

·         Select "resposition" from the drop down menu (upper right of the cover photo field)

·         Drag the pic to the desired position

·         Save Postion



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