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I need technical help with a problem on FJ.   What is the best way to let the tech people know about my problem?

If you can post, post your issue in the Tech Support forum.   The more details you can give the faster we can troubleshoot your problem:

Your device (PC, tablet, phone, etc.)

operating system (Windows 7, OSX, Android) and version

browser (Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc.)

FJ theme (Default, Uniform, Spectrum)

Screen shots when possible/applicable

Also if you can trying the other themes and another browser to see if the problem persists is wildly helpful.  We still want to know so we can assist you, but knowing whether it's theme or browser specific is a huge starting off point and clear information makes at least one of the tech team want to shower you with muffin baskets.

If your issue is the inability to post please email [email protected] and be sure to include your username.

Posting or emailing above will make sure your issue is seen as soon as possible by someone in the position to help you out.  Posting about it in an unrelated forum, blogging about it, having an indepth discussion with your cats have all been proven to be very ineffective ways of addressing technical problems.  PMing one tech support person means it won't be seen until they check their PMs when there could have been someone else online and willing to help.


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