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Closed Club  ·  4 members

Homeschooling Club

Closed Club

This is a closed club, meaning only members of the club can see content within it.

About This Club

For those of us who homeschool or are interested in homeschooling! A place for suggestions, questions, and support!

Hi, fellow homeschoolers and unschoolers! I created this club so we could have a place to talk to each other. I know not everybody on FJ is a fan of homeschooling, but I also know there's a lot of us on the forum who either homeschool or have homeschooled in the past, and I'm hoping this can be a space to talk about what we do and maybe have some good conversations! 

Like I said, I just started this club, and I'm still figuring out how it all works, so if any of you have suggestions feel free to PM me!


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