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A club for all the FJs who are looking to change their body composition! Whether that's losing weight, toning up, training for something, or just want to enter into a more mindful relationship with your food/body, this is the place!
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  2. CTRLZero


    I haven't done official intermittent fasting, but I'm back to writing down what/when I eat. I've discovered one of my problems is I forget when I last ate, so it's been very helpful to jot it down. My clothes are feeling just a little bit looser, but I haven't stepped on a scale, so maybe have lost five pounds. I continue to walk every day and mix in some exercises* to get stronger. You appear to be doing marvelously well. Good luck! *The book I'm using is "Stay Fit for Life," which has great photographs. I pick an exercise of the day to try something new in addition to my usual low-key workout.
  3. does anyone have any experience with intermittent fasting? i started last week with 18/6, eating only from noon until 6 p.m. and have lost 4 pounds! being careful with what i'm eating, of course, but not really too different than when i was dieting before IF. i'm with 5 pounds of my goal, having lost 17 pounds since jan.1, but i may lower it as i'm still not happy with the way i look. plus i'm trying very hard to get my a1c down from 7, it hasn't been that high since my first blood work almost 6 years ago. this forum's been quiet for a bit...how are you all doing?
  4. justmissedquiver

    Goals and Progress Thread

    Sorry for your loss. Good luck on the meal prep! I'm starting that this week. I'm using a follow-along plan online.
  5. Last year I set a goal to walk/run 60 miles per month and keep my weight from creeping up, and I am here to report that I managed to accomplish that, plus more, in every month except December. Since it was a manageable level of activity for me, I'm going to set that goal once again. Additionally, I am going to continue doing 25 sit ups per day (same as 2018 goal). My arms have become so flabby that I'm going to start some light weight training (I'm lifting 50-ounce laundry bottles to start). I've decided slow and steady is the way to go. When I set my goals too high, I just get discouraged, so daily walks, sit ups, and laundry bottle lifting it is for 2019! Best wishes for 2019, everyone!
  6. Ugh, okay here it goes. About 6 years ago I weighed 200lbs. I am 5'4 and very small framed so that was really big for me. I started WW and dropped 55lbs in one year. I felt great! I did put about 10lbs back on but was kinda okay with it, but then my husband died and I started stress eating again. I put on another 15lbs in no time. Fast forward a year and I started talking to an old high school friend that I hadn't seen in 30 years. Well we talked for about 2 months before we decided to meet again. Well, panic set in and I decided to lose weight fast. I did drop about 20lbs but not in the healthiest way. I basically starved myself, but hey, I looked good for our first meeting. We have now been together for about a year and a half and I am back at 195lbs. Not from stress eating, but happy and content eating since he really doesn't care how much I weigh. (nice, but DOES NOT HELP ME) I am ready to start losing again but do not want to join WW again. I just downloaded the Lose It! app to log my meals. I need to get a grip on my eating again. My goals are going to be start meal prepping one meal (lunch) next week and getting my butt on the treadmill once again. I would like to start going back to the gym, but I am taking baby steps.
  7. My goal is not to lose so much as to maintain the range I've been in for most of the year. While loss would be wonderful - I need to remind myself that given my history, maintaining without going off the deep end and binging is probably better for my overall health.
  8. Quiver Full of Kittens

    Goals and Progress Thread

    My goal for 2019? Lose the last 40 lbs and get into a more healthy range. Ideally I should lose another 50 to 60 to have an in range BMI, but I don't want to set the bar too high, fail, and then get upset with myself. So. We're keeping it at a realistic 40 lbs for the moment and adjusting as needed.
  9. justmissedquiver

    Goals and Progress Thread

    I made it through the holidays with minimal overeating!! I'm so proud of myself. I ate very moderately throughout November/December and ate anything I wanted on actual Christmas day, including a few mouthfuls of canned whipped cream ? New Years will be easy because I'm celebrating with only my son and not attending any events.
  10. I guess I'm here to whine. I reached the doctor's goal weight and I'm staying beneath it so that is good. I'd set my sights on four pounds lower. It's just four pounds so should be achievable, right? I got within half a pound of that goal for one day. I keep bobbling a pound or two above what I want to weigh and I'm about to decide to give up trying to get there at least until after Christmas. I may have to give up on it as a goal or perhaps my body just needs to stay here for awhile and then I can finish that last tiny bit. I'm probably getting obsessive about this and need to let it go.
  11. justmissedquiver

    Goals and Progress Thread

    I did two 15 min. cardio sessions. One last night and one this morning. I've been stressing a bit and I'm hoping a little bit of exercise will help.
  12. I have reached my doctor's goal weight for me. I still have more tummy than I want so perhaps a few more pounds?
  13. justmissedquiver

    Goals and Progress Thread

    I'm proud of myself. I was mindful of portions this Thanksgiving. I would like to drop 35 lbs, or at least trade some fat pounds for muscle pounds. I've been off the wagon for a month or so and I was doing so well over the summer. 2 thinks I'd like to get back into: Leslie Sansone videos and a few handweight moves a night. If I can get going on this again, I think I stand a chance to make it through the holidays with minimal damage.
  14. I'm down to 186lbs for a 29 lb. Weight loss and on my first cycle of Clomid. Anyone have any Clomid stories to share?
  15. Quiver Full of Kittens

    Goals and Progress Thread

    Back on the bandwagon! Read at 201 even this morning. Thank you, stomach flu, for speeding up the process! You were awful, but you moved me along!
  16. wild little fox

    Goals and Progress Thread

    The walking plan didn't happen. Walking is just too painful at this point. The city pools near me are too far away. I found a video at YouTube that I really like. It's sitting areobics so I can get workout with no impact on my knees while building muscle. Today is day 2.
  17. Ah, than sorry, I assumed wrong. But the rest stands, be proud of it, even if it is a side effect of a needed surgery.
  18. No, not bariatric surgery. I had surgery for an intestine medical issue.
  19. Quiver Full of Kittens

    Goals and Progress Thread

    Checking in since I really need to get back. I’m still stuck at 207, but I also admittedly haven’t been putting in much effort. As soon as we got back from our honeymoon, life hit us full force and I’m just now starting to settle in again. Hopefully I won’t gain this week!
  20. A little update on me. Finally my weight seems to going down again. After I quiet smoking last fall, I gained nearly 10 kg, without changing anything in eating or exercising. Now I lost half of that and are hopefully on the way of losing all of that and some more. But I also got the diagnosis of lipodema, which is the explanation why allmost all of my excess weight is on the lower part of my body. Now I have to wear special stockings all the time, wich is very nasty with the heat we had in the last weeks. And I'm on my way for a breast reduction surgery, since my J-cup boops are mostly breast tissue and would even stay the same if I became the size of a fashion model. The surgeon said that I had 1 kg per breast of excess tissue, that will be gone with surgery. Hopefully my insurance will approve of it. Whas it a bariatric surgery? When yes, you have every right to brag about it! Bariatric surgery is no cake walk, even if other people see it that way. It isn't the easy way to loose weight, but the last lifeline and a lot of work after it, because it changes the way we used to eat. I needed the help of surgery to loose weight, but I'm proud of the weight loss and I make no secret out of it.
  21. Hang in there. Have you tried a tracking app? I started one and it's really helping. Three doctors in a row told me to eat more protein so I needed to know how much I was getting to make sure to get more. I think it's the increased protein that is helping me lose plus seeing the calorie count since I had begun gaining after I recovered from the surgery. I have gotten below the revised BMI for my height so that made me happy.
  22. IntrinsicallyDisordered

    Goals and Progress Thread

    Updating to keep myself accountable (I keep getting tempted to give up completely, or to go low carb/paleo/keto which I know doesn't work for me long term). I'm around 197lbs now, so I've lost about 12.5lbs so far (95.3kg to 89.6kg to be precise). I feel like I will be able to do more activity once the heat is gone, and am feeling positive about those effects but I still feel depressed in general. How is everyone else doing?
  23. IntrinsicallyDisordered

    Goals and Progress Thread

    My plateau continues...I went down to 198, but am back up to just shy of 200 again. I know it's likely the pcos and water weight - I'm retaining water like crazy in this heat no matter how much I drink, and I'm averaging 4-5 hours a sleep a night which is destroying me - but am having more depressed moments. I cried in the middle of the grocery store this week and today was the first time in this current endeavor where I wanted to completely give up, on everything (not suicidal, just wishing not to exist).
  24. This morning I reached my first/top weight loss goal. I can't brag because it's due to the surgery I had in May, but it's still nice to have hit the goal number. Good luck to all especially those trying to increase exercise. That's the camp I'm in!
  25. IntrinsicallyDisordered

    Goals and Progress Thread

    Those sound like great goals! I am plateauing this week, I think because of the heat. It really takes it out of me. The poor sleep doesn't help either. But I am doing fairly well sticking to my diet plan, even if I am moving less.
  26. wild little fox

    Goals and Progress Thread

    HAHA! I joined one month ago and I'm finally ready to set a goal. Well, one I can work towards. This week: walk for 5 minutes every day. I am going to walk 10 the next week and then go to my former schedule that got me up to walking a 5k in an hour. I was doing a lot of hiking around that time. I know I can do this because I am able to shop for groceries. I do use a cane but I'm gaining muscle, so I'm using it less. Short term goal: to be able to walk/hike a mile without feeling like I'm going to die. LOL!!!!! This way when I'm in SoCal this winter I can get around to visit my friend and not be housebound (or in my case van bound lol!) I hurt myself last winter by wearing cheap bad shoes and it's taken me so long to get back to where I am atm. I'm so happy to be able to move forward. I have a myriad of things that hold me back and cause me to procrastinate but I'm going to have to walk early in the morning, after breakfast, because I'm having trouble dealing with the heat. I'm excited!

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      It's mid-August, time for the biggest holiday in Boston (and Cambridge, Somerville, and other nearby cities/towns). The traditional decorations are going out on the curb, the UHauls are converging on the city, and the Storrowings have begun in earnest. As a bonus for this year, the T is a disaster and occasionally bursts info flames, if it's running at all. Welcome, students!
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      Well, I survived the ultrasound. It was incredibly uncomfortable and invasive, but I lived. Thank you so much once again to everyone who responded to my initial post. You guys helped me so much so that I even had a normal bp when the nurse checked it!
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      Guess I forgot to tell y'all I fell and dislocated my ankle last week. Had the ankle put back into place but also have something called a tri-mallealar (sp) fracture. 3 places! Surgery next Thursday for the lovely hardware needed to put it all back together. Did I mention that Oxy is like shooting a bb at a hurricane for pain? 
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