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Music lovers of all kinds welcome here.
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  2. AmazonGrace

    FJ Musicians: Tips, Tricks, and More!

    No one here huh? this song is my summer project
  3. choralcrusader8613

    FJ Musicians: Tips, Tricks, and More!

    Here's where musicians of FJ can talk about pieces we're working on, get advice, and curse at our instruments LOL!
  4. Curious

    Chit Chat

    We would like to keep thread drift out of Club threads. To preserve the community feel, please feel free to chat with your other community members in this thread

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    • HerNameIsBuffy


      What does this look like to you guys?
      It's a close up of a small part of the pattern in an oriental style rug.  I immediately saw a specific thing, @Destiny saw something completely different, and my daughter can't see that it looks like anything specific.
      Play with me, I'm super curious...what does this look like to you?
      oooh thank you @WhatWouldJohnCrichtonDo? for the spoiler!  Everyone put your guesses under spoilers and don't peek until you answer!

      · 17 replies
    • Mela99


      I’m back ... and hopefully to stay active again. Life in the land of Mela has been hard af.:: 
      · 3 replies
    • mango_fandango


      I may or may not have a slight obsession with LM Montgomery 
      Yes, they’re all in the same edition, Virago Modern Classics. I even have a couple of the other books she’s written on my “want to buy” list...

      · 9 replies
    • Destiny


      Well, that “announcement” was so shocking that I’m going to go do dishes now. 
      · 6 replies
    • LittleOwl


      Happy Thinking Day / Founder's Day to any FJ Guides and Scouts 
      · 4 replies
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