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For the FJers that are in college or heading back to college.
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  2. Dreadcrumbs

    How is college going?

    Oh wow, I'd love to be prepping for a presentation in class instead of writing this essay I'm writing right now. I'm sure you'll do fine, especially since you have experience with public speaking already. Good luck!
  3. Vivi_music

    How is college going?

    Yes! I think that is what I find nice about my going back to college as well. Probably helps that I have the experience of studying already, but I also feel like it's a challenge, but not something I can't overcome. In two weeks I have my first presentation in class. It's so stupid because I speak in public all the time for work. But I'm a bit stressed for this one. ??
  4. Dreadcrumbs

    How is college going?

    Hi! I returned to school this fall to continue working on my AA after a hiatus and I'm taking a couple of classes this semester to start with. I'm taking an algebra and a composition class, and I'm enjoying my composition class even though it's really hard and emotionally draining sometimes. I feel like I'm being properly challenged and I'm not being crushed under the weight of it. Best of luck to everyone in school!
  5. Hello fellow studying FJers! I hope to revive this club with this first thread. I can start with my own situation. I am currently doing a come-back to college for a micromasters in teaching. I'm doing it part time, while working a fulltime job. Even if I finished my masters only 2 years ago, I was a bit anxious to go back. What was the most stressful for me was the idea of managing the class loadwork and my job. Time management was a struggle even when I was a full time student, so of course I was expecting it to be awful with my fulltime job. That is why I decided to take only one evening class. Turns out I am managing ok. Not as bad as I thought. It also is encouraging to realise I really like my class. I find the subject very stimulating (and it helps that my professor is pretty cool). Honestly, it tells me I'm doing the right thing in trying to become a teacher. I worked on my second paper this weekend, due later this week. I wish this can be a place to discuss the realities of being a student, the struggles and successes of furthering your education. Work hard and study on!

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