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My blog about anything and everything. Off-topic to the extreme. Thanks for joining me!

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Quality Time

Spent my evening coloring. I assume owl post would be much more efficient than the USPS, but also probably smellier, too.



I keep growing up, and yet I doubt I'll ever be a grownup

At work recently, I was doing my own thing and only vaguely listening to the conversation between several of my young coworkers. They were discussing one or more of their previous experiences on the high school track team, specifically the colleges that some of their former teammates had gone on to receive track scholarships to attend. I wasn't paying much attention to what they were saying, truthfully, until I heard this:   "What about Jen? Didn't she get a full scholarship to /Prestigious Un



I can't wait until I'm just a brain in a jar.

10+ years ago, I injured my left knee playing sports. My kneecap was dislocated and fractured, and I had a torn ligament. It was pretty rough, required surgery to replace the torn ligament when it wouldn't heal on its own, kept me off my feet for months, and left me with permanent degenerative joint disease/arthritis in my knee. Basically, a fun time all around. A couple of nights ago, I was walking in my kitchen when suddenly, my right leg - my "good leg" - completely gave out from underneath



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    • Bluebirdbluebell


      I highly recommend Not the Good Girl's Youtube channel. She is making great documentaries about cults.
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    • BlackberryGirl


      Ohh jeeze, GrandBerry6 just came to me, snuggled his face in my neck and barfed, all over me. In my neck, in my hair, on my face, down inside my nightie all over the front of my nightie. Ohh FUCK! Bath, washed hair, cleaned sofa. Good times, good times.
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    • Scrabblemaster


      I danced through my living room feeling awesome. From time to time I do this. Maybe wine is involved. Good music is definitely involved. It is awesome. I recommend it to you. With or without wine.
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    • Hazelbunny


      After a few months of trying to decide what kind of new computer to get and my brother telling me a Mac would be the best decision I could ever make and my sister telling me that would be the worst and I ought to stick to Windows.... I now have a used Mac. I am trying to get used to it. Not easy, but the Magnifying program is a lot better than the Windows one (that was the ultimate reason for my decision) and FJ works a lot better than on my 10-year old Laptop, too!!  
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    • WannabeHistorian


      Y'all, holter monitors suck. And naturally the palpitations that caused this test to be ordered are remarkably absent today. 
      I'm off to go work out in the hopes that triggers it. T minus 10 hours till I get this thing off. 
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