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Casual Gaming Adventures

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About this blog

The intent of this blog is to share my love of casual gaming. I'll be posting playthroughs of games I am playing casually that may or may not be considered "casual" games, such as Tetris, Farmville, et cetera. 

Most of the games I currently intend to share are simple, adventure games where decisions I make will influence the storyline of the game. I hope that readers will give feedback as to what decisions they'd like for me to make, and to see where it takes me, much like a Choose Your Own Adventure game.

(I don't own Tetris or Farmville.)


Entries in this blog


Harvest Moon or Corpse Party?

Hi guys! This is my first blog post and I hope some of you will find this content intriguing. Apologies in advance for poor grammar - hopefully I get better with time. The two games I'm considering playing are vastly different from one another. Harvest Moon (recently renamed Story of Seasons) is a series of life and farm simulation games with the main objective of each game being to rebuild a farm and/or town and to befriend the townspeople. Corpse Party is a horror adventure RPG - decidedly different from Harvest Moon. More about their plots and origins below: Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town: Originally released in 2003, Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town (henceforth referred to as MFoMT) is the third Story of Seasons game that focuses on the female perspective.  The player is sitting alone in her apartment, thinking about how tired she is of her life in the city. She wants something new, and as she's looking in the newspaper, she sees an advertisement in the newspaper about a farm for sale. She decides to purchase the farm, and goes there to see it. Upon arriving, she meets with the mayor, Thomas, who is surprised to see that somebody has replied to the advertisement. Although the farm needs a lot of work, Thomas says that the people of Mineral Town are desperate for a person to revive the farm. The player decides to live on the farm, and the game then begins. source: fandom.wikia Corpse Party: Originally released in 1996, the plot of Corpse Party concerns a group of Japanese high school students who, after celebrating their school's culture festival, are telling ghost stories when a sudden earthquake transports them to a dilapidated schoolhouse in an alternative dimension that is haunted by the ghosts of people who have been trapped there. The main playable character is Satoshi Mochida, a kindhearted high school student who is teased by his classmates for his cowardly nature. Three of the other characters are students from Satoshi's class: Naomi Nakashima, Satoshi's childhood friend; Yoshiki Kishinuma, an intimidating yet good-natured student; and Ayumi Shinozaki, the class representative. Rounding out the group is Yuka Mochida, Satoshi's younger sister.  The game's story is split into five chapters, each focusing on different characters and featuring multiple endings that are achieved based on the player's in-game decisions: a "True Ending" required for the game's progression; and several "Wrong Endings" that are unlocked when the player performs events irrelevant to the main storyline. Characters also possess hit points (HP), which measure how much damage they can take before dying, in some instances leading to a wrong ending. As players progress through the game, they will unlock ten optional "Extra Chapters", vignettes that focus on the game's side characters and expand the storyline. source: wikipedia.org If I post about Corpse Party, I will include a NSFW warning, trigger warnings, and keep everything under spoilers, as it's quite... disturbing.   Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to nor do I intend to advertise Story of Seasons, Harvest Moon, Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town, Corpse Party, Nintendo, or Natsume.  
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      The decision is made. They are coming Wednesday at lunchtime. 
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      I’m on spring break and applying for a BSN I do not want. Any off-duty rescue ferrets you can spare are appreciated.
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      I’m so torn because she’s still getting around but at the same time I’ve seen signs that she’s hurting. Am I doing the right thing?
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      My power on and everything will be okay approach is punctuated by bouts of terror.  This one is lasting longer than normal.
      I am afraid: 
      That I won’t be able to find a house, that we will end up homeless which will be a death sentence for my elderly dogs and older cats, that the current landlord will keep bothering us with maintenance requests so they can fix things adding to my stress of scheduling and keeping the house as perfect as possible while we pack, of losing everthing we own, of losing my job due to having no where to live and ending up in a spiral from which I won’t recover, of having no survival skills, of physical issues getting worse due to pressure to keep house perfect in meantime and lifting things I shouldn’t when I pack, of ....failing my kids and animals that depend on me to keep them sheltered and safe.
      Mostly I’m afraid that all the worst case scenarios going through my head atm aren’t tulpuas my anxiety is conjuring to torment me but just clarity and a realistic view of my life.
      This is what I do when life shits the bed.  Always.  I vascialte between confidence that things will work out, because they always do, and  and abject terror that this time they won’t because my luck has to run out sometime.
      its when the balance shifts below 95% confidence and I spend more time in the worst case realm that I have a bad time.
      I have been listening to a lot of podcasts about true crime to feel better about my life - no matter what at least I’m not a sociopathic monster.
      so there’s that.   
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