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Casual Gaming Adventures

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About this blog

The intent of this blog is to share my love of casual gaming. I'll be posting playthroughs of games I am playing casually that may or may not be considered "casual" games, such as Tetris, Farmville, et cetera. 

Most of the games I currently intend to share are simple, adventure games where decisions I make will influence the storyline of the game. I hope that readers will give feedback as to what decisions they'd like for me to make, and to see where it takes me, much like a Choose Your Own Adventure game.

(I don't own Tetris or Farmville.)


Entries in this blog


Harvest Moon or Corpse Party?

Hi guys! This is my first blog post and I hope some of you will find this content intriguing. Apologies in advance for poor grammar - hopefully I get better with time. The two games I'm considering playing are vastly different from one another. Harvest Moon (recently renamed Story of Seasons) is a series of life and farm simulation games with the main objective of each game being to rebuild a farm and/or town and to befriend the townspeople. Corpse Party is a horror adventure RPG - decidedly dif

precious blessing

precious blessing

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    • LittleOwl


      Even though I knew it was coming, being dumped sucks. 
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      We lost power with the storm Monday night and it won't be restored until Saturday afternoon.
      I am not.  happy.
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    • fraurosena


      There are two types of dogs.
      Although our Kella is a contradiction to this rule. She absolutely loves jumping into ditches and puddles and the kiddie-bath in the yard. Try putting her into the hooman bath though, and she'll scream bloody murder. 
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    • keen23


      When your new supplement causes fishmint burps ::chef's kiss::
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      Does anyone have experience with acute pancreatitis? P.m. me
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