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The Grimm Leaper

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About this blog

      I would rather be a leaper than a sweeper or a creeper even if only one 'e' separates me from being a leper.

Entries in this blog


     I have suddenly become one of those people who constantly takes pictures of their food! I know it's not cool anymore. I feel like my FIL who struts around in a white track suit wearing sunglasses, or with his sweatshirt tucked into his jeans.

      I made a mushroom melt on pumpernickel bread with a Greek cheese I can't spell, much less pronounce.


      Here is my cute cat picture I promised to show. It's a dirty click bait trick. I know very few FJers can resist cutepet pictures.




Not DPIAT's Peanut Soup!

I got this recipe from our very own @Palimpsest who shared her mother's recipe for West African Groundnut Stew  with us on a DPIAT thread. Apparently the Phillips family has special sacred peanut soup every year for Thanksgiving. I found Beall's recipe thinking it sounded interesting and was disappointed to see it was basically a cream of peanut butter soup, meh. If I were at a restaurant and they were known for it I would give it a try, maybe if it had tons of garlic it would be okay. The recipe was one of those a little of this, and some of that type recipes which I like. 


     I decided to skip the meat and I added tons of veggies.  It was delicious, and I will be enjoying it for lunch this week. We are expecting seven inches of snow tonight so a spicy hearty soup will hit the spot.


Not Your Mother's Grilled Cheese

       Well, technically I guess it's a melt. At least that's what the people of Reddit would say. They are very particular and serious about their sandwiches over there.


    I used sea salt and rosemary sourdough bread and the filling is spinach, artichokes, green onions, sundried tomatoes, and a blend of goat cheese, smoked Gouda, and cheddar. I tried something new here, instead of buttering the outside, I used Mayonnaise, and sprinkled pepper over it. I liked it, butter is good- but i didn't want that butter taste.

     It was a darn good sammie!


Another reason I'm glad I'm not fundie

       I was at the park once and met another mom with a son the same age as mine. The boys hit it off and played happily together. She had three kids. The two oldest were biological a boy and a girl, and my son's new friend was adopted from Africa. The older ones went to a private Christian school, and her son was a preschooler. At one point she applied sun block to her bio kids then said the other boy didn't need sunblock since he was black. I thought that was strange. While he would not burn easily he still could burn, and get skin cancer. That was WTF #1. 

      We were talking about preschools, and asked me where mine went. I told her how much we liked where ours went. She started ranting about the preschool her son went to because they did so many crafts and crafts were not appropriate for boys. She kept bringing it up. She was totally against boys doing crafts. I was so surprised I couldn't think of anything to say. Like, "carpentry is pretty much crafting for adults."

     Anyway, I have four kids. Three girls and a son. Of all my kids, my son is the one who likes to sit and do crafts with me.   I spent the evening making ornaments with him. He made this Pikachu by himself.


The others pout and sulk. My 15 year old insists she sucks at any art and does the bare minimum. My eldest is pretty talented at art but does not want to do it with ME. My ten year old sometimes humors me, but sneaks away any chance she gets. She would rather play soccer, or sing loudly off tune, she never stops moving and she is loud and boisterous and clumsy. She pretty much only wears sweat pants. My eldest despises cooking and any 'home arts' preferring real art and design. She also has what my husband calls a 'salty personality'. My 15 year old is my girly girl. She likes to dress nice, does her hair and makeup every day, and for the most part has a cheerful demeanor. But still hates crafty things, and is good at math.

     My family would be miserable if we had to adhere to strict fundie gender roles.

       Every now and then when creating stuff with my son I think of that little boy at the park and wonder if he is allowed to be himself.


Why do you think that's a good idea?

            I am the team manager for my ten year old daughter's soccer team. One of my jobs is to keep parents under control. It sucks that this is even needed. Why do some people think it's okay to argu with a referee? Do you really think it is going to work in your favor? Even if he did make a bad call and they know they did, they won't go back on it. Why? Because if they changed a call because a parent yelled at them, the parents will keep yelling at them. 

      Do you know how obnoxious you sound when you shout "thank you" when a ref calls foul on the opposing team? Do you understand soccer is a contact sport and some pushing is allowed? Do you realize that most of the time when kids raise thier elbows it is not to harm the other player but as a natural defensive response to someone running at them? Do you realize what a hipocritical a-hole you sound like when you laugh when your kid pushes another kid? 

      Here is the thing. If you complain constantly, when something does go wrong, nobody takes you seriously.

      Guess what, there are bad refs. The problem is, good refs quit because they are sick of your shit. Without refs, we couldn't play at all. So stop making asses out of yourselves.

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      I am completely lacking motivation and confidence right now ... I hate the bar. Again.
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      I'm really tired of my back being in so much pain constantly.  I feel nobody believes me because I just plow through my day and appear normal.  I can't afford our co-pay right now even though I'm working.  I'm tired of hearing "you don't need surgery yet" because doc has only looked at my neck.....dude!!  the rest of it is killing me too.  My hip, shooting pains, numb and weak legs.  Fuck everybody who doesn't help and fuck this.
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      Great looking house in our price range came on the market yesterday. Sold yesterday. We didn't even have a chance to look at it. Because we are finally able to buy a house at precisely the moment in time that the market tanked in this town. Nothing has ever gone our way. I swear to God, nothing. This is just the latest thing that refuses to. 
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      It's one of these days at work...

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    • laPapessaGiovanna


      After a long stint in one of the best intensive care units of the country a 7yo child died yesterday in Milan from a pneumonia he developed as a complication of measles. The child had been diagnosed six months ago with lymphoblastic leukemia. He got measles from his older siblings that his antivaxxer parents refused to vaccinate.
      Am I a bad person if I wish that now his parents face legal consequences? I can understand that they chose thinking they were doing the best for their children but their recklessness (and that of many other parents, we were having a measles outbreak in april when the child developed measles) directly caused their son's death. How can you refuse to vax the siblings when your child is so fragile from leukemia? Where do they live in a bubble in a fantasyland where children never get ill?
      These days our parliament is discussing a law that would make vaccines mandatory and parents who refuse would face high fines. I don't agree with making vaccines mandatory but I think these parents should face consequences for their son's death.
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