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Dinosaurs in the Bible?

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I know I am new to the weird and strange fundie thinking, so I am sure this was discussed before. Did you know Dinos are in the Bible? Athough not called Dinosaurs... :roll:


JOB: 41, Ps: 74:14 and Isa: 27, where they are referred to as "Leviathan".


Those duggars might be right lol ;) (sarcasm)



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My dad always thought that Leviathan in the book of Job referred to hippopotami. Hippos did live in the Nile valley although they are now extinct there. There were also several subspecies of dwarf hippos that lived on the Mediterranean islands until the late Pleistocene or early Holocene epochs. They may have co-existed with humans and humans may have played a role in their extinction. FWIW, we are now in the Holocene Epoch.

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From what I've read they are some kind of Biblical sea serpent along the same lines as the Greek oroboras or the Norse Jormungandr the Midgard serpent. They seem to be where H.P. Lovecraft got the idea for Cthulu. Other legends surrounding themsay God created a pair then fearing they would gobble up the rest of his creation killed the female and her flesh will be served up at the feast in heaven at the end of days. The archangel Gabriel is supposed to kill the male at the end of days either with the help of God himself or the archangel Michael. Whatever Leviathan was it was big considering the Jewish scholars say it tried to eat the whale that swallowed Jonah. I think it was more Jewish mythology than proof of dinosaurs co-existing with humanity as the fundies would have us believe.

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Anxious Girl

Nope. The Bible has many mythical monsters; and PennySycamore might be right on the hippo theory. But not dinos; because they were wiped out millions of years ago. I just don't understand how fundies think like this. Whenever I think of that quote; I think of this quote

Milo: This is the Leviathan; the creature guarding the gateway to Atlantis.

Vinny: I would have white wine; with that, I think.

Rourke: So what is it, a mystical sea serpant?

Milo: No, no. It's says from the Bible in The Book of Job that sparks of fire shoot out from its eyes. But it's most likely a carving, to scare or frighten the supersticious.

Rourke: So we find this masterpiece, then what?

Half-hour later

Milo: Jiminy Christmas, it's a machine!

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