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Creationist At A NEA


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This actually angers me. American children should be taught about evolution not Christian creationism. That is religion. Why not teach Hinduism creation stories or Native American creation stories

While people came by to see the animals we would give them free DVDs. Most people loved the owl, but not everyone loved what we stood for.

“Hey would you like a free DVD?†I asked one young guy in the crowd looking at the owl.

“I don’t want your DVD or any of your #@$ $& teaching,†he said, (or something like that) in a very irritated tone of voice.

“Oh, what’s your view?†I asked him.

That was all it took. He blew up. He angrily told Dan how stupid he thought our views were, using lots of profanity. As he kept talking about how offensive our booth was to him Dan told him, “Well you are offending me by telling me you think I came from a monkey!†but he wasn’t really open to reasoning or responding to Dan’s comments. He was just mad.

The interesting thing was how many in the crowd began to defend us—even NEA delegates who didn’t otherwise agree with us.

“Just because I don’t agree with their booth doesn’t mean I have a problem with them being here,†another man kept saying.

“Yeah, why can’t he just walk by?†one lady asked.

One of the delegates even began to cry and mentioned contacting the police. I guess they were suprised because they didn’t understand how the gospel and message of a Creator is very offensive to some who don’t want to acknowlege the possibility of a God to whom they would be accountable for their actions or lifestyle

I understand the man's anger. These people want their faith to be taught in public school. As far as the right to set up a booth... That depends on the organizers of the event. This isn't a free speech issue. The NEA wouldn't allow a pedophiles to set up a booth claiming that children should be taught that pedophilia is good. (Okay, that was an extreme example)

And if they do set up a booth, it should be the man's right to bless them out. He was not taking away their rights by arguing with them, even if rudely. He told them that he didn't want their DVD and they CHOSE to continue the conversation. I find it difficult to believe that the surronding people would defend either of them.

I can understand his fury. Imagine if you lived in a part of America where you had to explain to children why you aren't teaching one religions creation story in a biology class! A part of your limited time might be spent on this crap. And don't forget, teachers were picking up this DVD. Of course, he is angry.

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Tolerance doesn't apply to other cultures

At the beginning of the day Dan told us he knew there was going to be spiritual warfare and it was likely they would try to think of a way to stop him from bringing his animals. He was right. First the Navaho Indian booth across the aisle kept complaining to the authorities saying they were offended by the animals. Somehow linked to their superstitious beliefs. But thankfully all we had to do was move the alligator to the other side of the booth and then we were okay.

Next NEA called the city animal official to inspect, but the whole inspection turned out in our favor. Satan cannot thwart what God has planned.

Their belief in a snake talking to a woman is correct, but Native America beliefs are superstitious. Underneath their sweetness is something vile.

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