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Jack Schapp and family


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I haven't seen much on here about the craziness of First Baptist Church in Hammond, IN and its sister college Hyles-Anderson College. (IFB Church) I've had some of my wife's friends attend there in recent years. Pastor Jack Schapp has enough crazy preaching examples floating around, but recently I found this clip of his son Ken.


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Not very surprising. Schaap is a jerk. I was a student at HAC when Dr. Hyles died and Schaap took over. Hyles had issues too, but I think he did genuinely care about people and try to help them. Let's just say I was gone within 6 months of Schaap taking over and he made the mistake of calling my dad and trying to trash talk me - supposedly my dad cussed him out over the phone.

Some of the stuff in his marriage book is really nuts. I hate to link to Spamderson, but here's a scan:


eta: quotes, so you don't have to click the link:

"Psalm 119:30 says, “I have chosen the way of truth: thy judgments have I laid

before me.†That word laid is a sexual term which literally means the same thing

as a man laying with a woman. God was saying that God’s laws should be as

intimate as a marriage partner in a sexual liaison." Marriage The Divine

Intimacy, Hyles Publications 2005. Page 44 pp2

"In the next verse, David gets more graphic. “I have stuck unto thy testimonies:

O LORD, put me not to shame.†that word stuck means “the act of a man entering

his wifeâ€; it is sexual intercourse. God says that the Word of God should be the

Christians lover, and nothing should be closer to him than the Bible. The Words

of God are supposed to be the most intimate lover of his life." Marriage The

Divine Intimacy, Hyles Publications 2005. Page 44 pp3

"When a person takes the bread during the Lord’s Supper, he is not actually

eating Christ’s body. That person is saying, “This element represents

something.†The person who deeply loves Christ understands that when he receives

Christ as Saviour, it is a spiritual intercourse. A person receives the body of

Christ. A Christian is the female gender in the spiritual realm, and God is the

male gender of the spiritual realm. When a person receives Christ as Saviour, he

is receiving Christ as a lover."

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Oh my word. That is so crazy it's funny.

Is he using the English words "laid" and "stuck" with colloquial/slang English meanings to come up with this, or is he claiming the original Hebrew meaning is all sexy and stuff? In spite of all the translations I looked at using variations of "looked at" "observed" "adhered to", etc?

Oh wait. I forgot. God spoke Shakespearean and therefore it doesn't matter what the Hebrew says or how it is normally translated. KJV1611, baby! Who knew it was so hot?

As to communion as sexual intercourse, I don't even.....

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