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Daddy (Arndt) said I can go!!!

0 kids n not countin

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Everyone keep in mind that She Who Laughs thinks it's ok to hit infants. Of course her position will be the authoritarian one.

I don't buy the light sleeping argument for curfews for adult children though, unless you're ALSO forcing them to go to bed at a certain time, which is frankly ridiculous. If you're sleeping light enough to be woken up by a door opening, then you'll probably be MORE disturbed by lights, tv, music, whatever.

I think adult children living at home should as much freedom as any guest or tenant. Of course they have to be polite, just like anyone else who might stay with you.

I don't buy the sleeping BS either. My DD was 18 when one of her jobs required her to be to work at midnight. I was a light sleeper who went down early since I had to be on the job at five and I was on call. We were adults, living in community, we worked it out. That's what you do.

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