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Looking to Bloggers for advice/wisdom


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I was reading one of Zsu's latest posts about miscarriage. She writes that someone had commented on her blog asking what Zsu felt about miscarriage. I've also read comments on other blogs that basically ask the blogger if X is okay, as if the blogger had some sort of divine knowledge, education and/or extensive experience in a particular area, or is somehow considered an expert on sensitive subjects.


My question is, why do people ask these women for approval - almost permission (for) - of their choices? There's quite a contingency of followers who elevate these bloggers to a level of perceived authority, from homeschooling to bedroom issues to controversial personal dilemmas. I understand discussing topics to people who can relate to problems, but this goes so much further than "I have ten kids like you do and I wanted to know how you keep up on laundry?".


Is it insecurity due to the appearance of perfection or Godliness? Is it naivete? Is it lack of a personal support system or access to actual professionals who could guide them in making choices? I guess I'm just kind of thinking out loud here. It just breaks my heart that so many women look up to people for wisdom and guidance when all they've done is make their personal lives and "convictions" public.

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When I was a blogger, I received occasional questions from people who had similar circumstances. I addressed them privately.

I think ZZ makes a lot up, and I think she probably made this up as well. It is natural when you are pregnant to think about the pregnancies you have lost, so the subject is on her mind and she wants to talk about it.

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