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I was not impressed with the premier. I also think the whole "Christine is unhappy" story line will lead no where; they're just trying to get people to watch to up the ratings.

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Just FYI that the Browns DID home school until they started their show. :) Or wait, they did home school and then they sent them to their church school. THEN they did public school when they started their show :)

Meri is by far my favorite, Janelle is my least favorite... I guess it goes Meri, Robyn, Christine, Janelle for me. And the kids My faves go Mariah, the oldest boy, McKelty (So bad at names?? The one who dyed her hair black and didn't want to go to their church service because she didn't feel it was right?) and then most everyone else. :) the one who is the most against polygamy is my least favorite - not at ALL bc she is against polygamy but just because I find her annoying :)

I don't find Kody quuuuite as much as a douche as others do, but I definitely think he is arrogant and egotistical and selfish, but I do think he genuinely loves his family and I think he genuinely does want what is best for everyone.

I am NOT looking forward to the "Christine Drama" this season... They have dragged our her jealousy and dislike of Kody and just general bitchiness for long enough. And a lot of it feels SO staged... like her conversation with K on this last episode where he is like "ok" and walks out... I dunno... it just doesn't feel genuine.

In other news I restarted Big Love again last week, and am on season 2 now... compared to the Browns... I dunno... I like things in both. ;-)

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I cant quite figure out what TLC was up to with the episode. Was that supposed to air around christmas? I dont see it as being a true season premiere, more of a holiday ep or a teaser.

TLC must be paying them well to be able to build 4 houses while renting the same amount...

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I watched only half of the episode just because it was so flippin' boring! From the beginning, Christine has complained about her relationship with Kody being stand still, yet nothing has changed. If anything, TLC has heightened up the drama between Christine and Kody to keep ratings up so people tune in to see whether or not they both can make it, which we all know, they will.

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