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An ass is an ass is an ass.... Shoebox


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If you read about how he shot her dog, then this will only serve to further outrage you.

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Guest Anonymous

Of all the fundie dudes, he is one of the worst. In between cheating on her, being horrible to her daughter, shooting her dog, and treating her like crap, WTF? I wouldn't want to live in the same state as someone who did that to me, much less sleep in the same bed.

Surely at this point she's just posting shit to make him look bad. She can't possibly think he's any kind of a decent person ... can she?

Then again she's not exactly a peach herself, considering she married a guy who hated her child and let him treat the both of them like dirt on his shoes.

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They are ten years post-affair and recovery. I think she believes everything is GOOD now and this weekend was a reinforcing weekend, not a marriage crisis weekend.

ANY man who resents allowing his wife to speak of his infidelity after restoration of a marriage was NEVER truly repentent of that infidelity in the first place.

Ass hat.

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